CBD Information and Best Uses

  • 4 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking

    Not everyone wants to have to set fire to something and breathe in a bunch of hot smoke to experience the benefits of cannabis. For those with lung...
  • CBD: Is It Safe To Vape?

    With almost 1,500 hospitalizations and 35 deaths likely linked to vaping, there is definitely a concern about whether or not vaping is safe.Black...
  • What Is CBD Oil?

    Marijuana has been a hot topic for decades now, but it’s recently gained even more attention due to its changing legal status. Another major reason...
  • CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Similarities and Differences

    CBD and hemp oil are often referred to as if they're the same, but this is far from the truth. It's true that both CBD and hemp oil come from the s...
  • The Endocannabinoid System Explained

    The digestive, nervous, circulatory and respiratory system are some of the well-known systems in the body, but there's a lesser known yet still imp...
  • Weight Loss and Other Benefits of MCT and CBD Oil

    Since MCTs are easily digested by the body and offer many health benefits, it’s become a popular supplement.The same goes for Cannabidiol, or CBD, which has certainly been making headlines in recent years. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and, while commonly associated with Marijuana, CBD contains no THC or psychoactive properties and it has been shown to offer a number of benefits of its own.

  • 8 Tips For Choosing The Best CBD Products

    The following tips and things should be followed to choose high quality CBD products:

    1. Check out the extraction method of the CBD 

    The genetic makeup of the final product will be impacted by the way the CBD oil was extracted. Pressure must be applied to extract CBD (Cannabidiol) oil from the plant. This will cause the trichomes to burst open. CBD oil brands will capture, bottle and sell when the plant excretes its oil.


  • What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

    Cannabis terpenes are chemicals secreted in the same glands which produce cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. These are aromatic oils that give color...
  • CBD: A Natural Remedy for Arthritis and Chronic Pain

    CBD oil has helped arthritis sufferers by reducing pain and inflammation, and research into the benefits of CBD oil has expanded in recent years.The Harvard Medical School reported on a study conducted by the European Journal of Pain, where the study revealed that test subjects experienced a reduction of pain and swelling caused by arthritis, when topical CBD was applied.A subsequent study performed at the Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada reported that CBD blocked the pain and reduced nerve damage associated with osteoarthritis.

  • CBD: A Epilepsy and Seizure Medication

    CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. CBD makes up to 40% of the plant extract and has promis...
  • Nailed It! Make Simply Crafted Cannabutter

    Making cannabutter is relatively easy. Still, there are plenty of different ways to make it, and even more ways to mess it up. Read these simple steps to make potent cannabutter, either with high CBD flower or full spectrum plant material with THC.To get started, you will need a pound of some good organic unsalted butter. Don't be cheap here with the butter, it's well worth a few bucks to make sure your CBD and THC have the best chance to bond with the fat, so you don't want any contaminants getting in the way.
  • CBD For Treatment Of Mood Disorders And Depression

    The use of CBD to treat depression has shown serious promise in treating depression and anxiety. CBD use has also shown very few to no side effects at all in most people. A 2014 research explains why CBD is useful in the treatment of depression. The study shows that in most cases CBD has appeared to interact positively with the serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin affects several functions in the human body, these include a person's emotional state and feeling, happiness and well-being. The balancing of natural serotonin levels in the body is an essential treatment for people coping with depression. While CBD does not outright cure the disease, it has been found to show serious improvement in the symptoms of the condition.

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