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Nailed It! Make Simply Crafted Cannabutter

Simply Crafted Cannabutter

Making cannabutter is relatively easy. Still, there are plenty of different ways to make it, and even more ways to mess it up. Read these simple steps to make potent cannabutter, either with high CBD flower or full spectrum plant material with THC.

To get started, you will need a pound of some good organic unsalted butter. Don't be cheap here with the butter, it's well worth a few bucks to make sure your CBD and THC have the best chance to bond with the fat, so you don't want any contaminants getting in the way.


Simply Crafted Cannabutter

  • 1 lb Organic Unsalted Butter
  • 60-70 grams CBD or THC flower material 
  • 4 cups distilled or purified water
  • Cheese cloth or other fine strainer

10 minutes prep time. Approximately 2 1/2 hours cooking time. Cools overnight 


To strain your CBD or THC plant material, you'll need some unbleached cheese cloth or nylon sock/pantyhose (just make sure it's new!). Finally, you'll need some quality cannabis material, preferably just over two ounces of broken up but not ground up flower. Once you have your butter, cheese cloth or NEW pantyhose, and cannabis material, you're ready to begin.

The first step is decarboxylation. This is the process of turning THC-A into THC or CBD-A into CBD (converting CBD and THC from the form of an acid). You do this by cooking the cannabis flower in the oven at 225 degrees for about an hour. After the high CBD flower or other cannabis has been decarbed, it's ready to be used in the cannabutter.

Use a large pot and add 4 cups of distilled or purified water. Throw four sticks of organic unsalted butter in the water and bring it to a boil. Once the butter has melted and the water begins to boil, remove the pot from the heat and add the CBD or THC flower. 



After removing from the heat and adding the cannabis, stir the mix some while it begins to simmer. Once it's simmering and only slowly bubbling you can just let it sit, stirring every 10 to 15 minutes. Let the cannabis simmer in the butter for about 90 minutes on a low setting. 

Get your cheese cloth or other fine strainer ready over the dish you want to put your cannabutter in. A good quart size pyrex bowl works well. Just make sure to use something that can withstand the heat, of course.

Pour the cannabutter mixture into the strainer or onto the cheese cloth. After the pot is empty of cannabis material, squeeze the cheese cloth (use gloves!) or push down into the strainer with a large spoon to press all the butter mixture out of the CBD or THC flower. The remaining cannabis can be discarded.

The cannabutter will settle on top, and a dark murky water will sit below. Let this cool in the refrigerator over night. After it cools, pop the cannabutter loose from the sides of the bowl with a butter knife. It will be a solid disc about a half inch thick that you can carefully pull out of the bowl.

Set the cannabutter on a plate with the wet side up. Allow this to dry a bit and then use freely in your favorite cannabis edible. If you don't want to make your CBD edibles yet, simply wrap in saran wrap and store the cannabutter in the refrigerator. This will be fine for a few days, but if you would like to store longer you can freeze the cannabutter too.

Nailed it!

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