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California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and recreational use has also been legal for the past five years now. In light of this fact, there are no shortages of dispensaries and online cannabis sellers located in California. To help you choose, we put together some basic info about cannabis and CBD use in Los Angeles, California. Knowing the different forms of cannabis available in your area, and where to get the best CBD products in Los Angeles, CA, you'll be sure to make the best decision before you buy.


Buy CBD Oil Online in Los Angeles

Hemp and cannabis plants have over 500 chemical compounds. However, hemp's the only botanical that's 100% non-intoxicating with 0.3% THC. As a result, many consumers prefer CBD flowers over intoxicating THC buds. Additionally, CBD is the ideal alternative for people that are sensitive to THC but still looking for an all-natural way to unwind.

Why is CBD so Popular?

More people choose CBD over other ways to relax, such as drinking alcohol or smoking legal cannabis. It's a safe alternative that reduces stress naturally and doesn't produce the extreme intoxication other legal substances do. This body response is why individuals on all levels are buying CBD. Everyone from college students looking to reduce exam jitters and new moms that need a little stress reduction to seniors wanting a natural solution for the occasional sleepless night is trying CBD.

Wellness Benefits of CBD

Another reason why CBD oil and flowers are growing in popularity is that they offer several advantages for consumers. Research shows that hemp compounds, such as CBD, have the potential to help with muscle recovery following a challenging workout. For older customers, it's natural to develop stiffness in joints and muscles. Hemp extracts, especially topical applications, such as balms, help relax the body.

Studies have also shown that CBD oil might reduce stress and anxious thoughts. In addition, these items provide an advantage in social situations. While CBD might be excellent for college students before exams, it may also help Individuals feeling nervous about socializing after COVID-19 restrictions lift may benefit from a hemp extract.


Along with stress and anxious feelings, consumers report CBD potentially improves sleep quality. As the research suggests, it's easy to see how some people sleep better with less muscle tension and little anxiousness and stress. To get the most out of your CBD products, use them at the same time daily for consistency.

CBD is Legal in Los Angeles

An excellent option with CBD in Los Angeles is availability. You can buy CBD flowers online from any state in the country. If you go through a cannabis shop, your only options are oils and edibles from the immediate area. Plus, many of those products contain more than 0.3% THC. Buy CBD online and always get the federal legal limit or less.


CBD Flowers & Oils Go Through Third-Party Testing

Los Angeles and California know about testing botanicals. The state was the first to legalize medical cannabis. So, while CBD flowers are a whole other product, the testing procedures are nearly identical. The only significant difference is THC level. Third-party labs verify hemp products contain 0.3% THC or less.

CHOOSE SIMPLY CRAFTED CBD Hemp Extracts in Los Angeles

We provide high-quality, third-party reviewed CBD products, including calming oils and relaxing flowers. Each batch of oils, edibles, topicals, and flowers is sent to an independent location for safety, potency, and purity testing. Add Simply Crafted CBD to your daily wellness schedule and experience the calming effects of our top-shelf hemp extracts.


Our Products

Tinctures: Concentrated CBG oil, CBD oil and Delta-8 THC oil to discreetly dose. Active Cannabinoids that dissolve under the tongue for instant results.

CBD Oil: We have a wide array of tinctures made with organic MCT oil and infused with other natural extracts for maximum results.

Edibles: CBG & CBD gummies, softgel capsules and wide assortment of other edible products to help provide long-lasting results.

Topicals: CBD salves, balms lotions and other ointments to apply active cannabinoids directly to the site of pain or inflammation.

Vape products: We offer a wide array of vape products, including CBD vape oil, cartridges, live resinterp sauce and more.

Smokable Hemp Flower: Browse the largest selection of high CBG and CBD hemp flower in California. Choose from dozens of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. 

Our Commitment To Product Quality

Our CBD extracts are made to pass the highest quality standards in the cannabis industry. All of our cannabis products and hemp flower are third-party lab-tested for potency and purity.


We derive each of our products from organic cannabis plants, using supercritical fluid extraction. Our CBD extracts are produced in a federally regulated facility in California .

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