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Hemp products are all the rage for their naturally occurring compounds. The most studied and well-known is cannabidiol, better known as CBD. However, the CBD flower contains a full spectrum of compounds, including over 140 phytocannabinoids with similar properties as CBD and between 100 and 200 unique terpenes. The remaining phytochemicals are flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and several nutrients. These compounds work together to provide a natural boost to your well-being. 

Buy CBD in Boston, MA

CBD is an All-Natural Wellness Product

Consumers are actively looking for more plant-based solutions to add to their daily routine. Civilizations have been cultivating hemp for thousands of years. It's a safe botanical and extract that contains organic compounds that might promote overall wellness. 

Advantages of Using CBD Oil

All-natural hemp compounds have several potential benefits. For example, many customers buy CBD flower to help them relax and unwind at the end of the day. A few puffs of hemp flower might relieve stress, reduce anxious thoughts, and provide a calming experience that helps erase the day's troubles. 

Additionally, CBD oil is commonly used to ease joint and muscle soreness associated with aging or challenging workouts. A topical application offers a direct approach to relieving pain, and it doesn't enter the bloodstream. Localized products are an excellent alternative to over-the-counter NSAIDs. 

Everyone experiences occasional sleeplessness. CBD flower and oil might help people get to sleep faster by relaxing the mind and body. When stress is manageable, and muscles and joints are happy, sleep comes easier for most.


Hemp Extracts are Legal in Boston

Hemp is legal federally in Massachusetts. Companies can grow, harvest, manufacture, and distribute CBD flowers and extracts with 0.3% THC or less. This small amount of THC isn't enough to cause a "high" or psychoactive response. It's also 100% safe to consume. Consumers that are sensitive to THC or need a THC-free product can try broad-spectrum formulas that retain the complete terpene profile and the remaining phytocannabinoids. Another option is a CBD oil isolate. These potent items strip everything but the CBD from the plant, leaving a nearly pure, 99% extract.  In addition to federal regulations, CBD products in Boston must also meet Massachusetts hemp laws, which mirror the federal laws and require hemp producers to register with the state.

Safe & Effective CBD Flowers 

Hemp is a resilient plant that grows perfectly without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Instead, trustworthy brands use botanicals that were organically grown. Additionally, these companies only cultivate hemp in nutrient-rich soil free from heavy metals and other contaminants. However, that's not enough. 

Further product screening is necessary to ensure the safety of customers. Contamination can occur during the harvest or extraction process. Top hemp brands send samples from each batch of flower, oil, concentrate, and topicals to an independent lab. The facility provides 100% verification that they're free from mold, mildew, cross-contamination, and residual solvents. 

Buy Simply Crafted CBD in Boston

We provide premium CBD oil and flower in Boston. Each batch is sent to a third-party testing facility to verify potency, quality, and purity. Choose a trusted source for all-natural hemp products. Our oils, flowers, concentrates, and topicals all meet the strict requirements under the MDAR hemp program.

Simply Crafted CBD Products

Tinctures: Organic CBD, CBG and Delta-8 THC oil to easily and discreetly does when needed. Active Cannabinoids that will dissolve under your tongue for immediate results.

CBD Oil: Browse our wide selection of cannabis oils infused with MCT oil derived from organic coconuts.

Edibles: Buy CBD gummies, softgel capsules or choose one of our other Simply Crafted CBD edibles to experience the benefits of cannabidiol. 

Topicals: CBD lotions, balms and salves to apply fast-acting, active cannabinoids directly to the source of the pain or inflammation.

Vape products: We carry a large number of different vape products, including CBD vape oil, live resin, cartridges, terpene sauce and more.

Smokable Hemp Flower: We have the one of the largest selections of high CBG and CBD hemp flower available to buy in Boston. Choose from dozens of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid hemp flower strains. 

Lab-Tested CBD Products

The CBD products in Boston that we supply are pure, potent and organic. To ensure our high-quality standards are met, our hemp flower, oils, and other extracts are regularly third-party lab-tested.


Our products are each produced from Farm Bill compliant hemp plants, using state-of-the-industry supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) in a federally regulated facility. We are committed to ensuring the ongoing quality of our products.

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