Habit Crafted CBD Disposable Vape Pen
Habit Crafted CBD Vape Pen - Simply Crafted CBD
Habit Crafted CBD Vape Pen - Simply Crafted CBD
Habit Crafted CBD Vape Pen - Simply Crafted CBD
Habit Crafted CBD Vape Pen - Simply Crafted CBD

CBD Vape Pen by Habit Crafted

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Containing 0% THC, our all natural vape pen provides 250mg of pure full-spectrum CBD. The disposable pens come in four flavors: Tropicana, Wild Berry, Banana & Orange Vanilla


With its micro-dose servings, the vape pen offers you a quick, convenient way to reduce stress, anxiety, and help you relax and unwind anywhere you desire. 

  • Faster absorption than edibles
  • 250mg of pure CBD per unit
  • No GMOs, chemicals or solvents
  • Consistent flow rate 
  • 0% THC


Usage Instructions:

Simply inhale and watch the light glow for the 6-second timed release then blink, indicating the completion of a full dose.

Lab Tested | Organic | Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best CBD Vape Pen

I’ve been trying to quit smoking and O heard CBD helps so I bought one of these vape pens. They’re pretty cheap and actually last along time. I’ve slowly been weening myself off of cigarettes and just smoking these cbd pens instead. It’s really been a big help

Great Vape Pen

These cbd vape pens are very clean tasting and calming

Legit Vape Pen

Grabbed one of the Homeydew CBD pens. Been hitting it a bunch and it’s still goin strong. Super easy to use and carry all day

Best CBD Pen Ever!

I can’t get enough of the vape pens. The only way they could possibly be better is if they had THC ones too! 😜

Vape Pen

The honeydew CBD pen is my favorite so far. I’ll have to try the others now and see if there as good

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