Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

CBD for Dogs: Its Benefits and Uses

It’s well known that CBD offers numerous benefits for people, but did you know it is beneficial for dogs, too? CBD oil can reduce pain caused by arthritis and injury, help calm dogs that suffer from anxiety, and also boost their immune system.

CBD supplementation is a safe and effective way to improve your dog’s health and quality of life, and, unlike chemical medications often prescribed by vets, hemp CBD oil has no known dangerous side effects. And giving your dog CBD couldn’t be easier because it is available in tinctures, tasty treats, and even topical versions.

While research into the benefits of CBD is still ongoing, recent studies have shown encouraging results. For example, the Frontiers in Veterinary Science published results from a 2018 study that was conducted by Cornell University. It tested the effects of CBD on dogs suffering from pain and arthritis and the results were astounding. More than 75% of the dogs tested showed improvement in mobility and reduced pain.

Holistic veterinarians have also witnessed remarkable results when recommending CBD oil for dogs. They’ve seen cancerous tumors disappear, and dog owners have reported noticeable improvements in energy in senior dogs, as well as dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and arthritis.

CBD can aid in a variety of ailments including the following:

CBD Reduces Seizures

During the past several years, CBD oil has shown a significant success rate in helping reduce seizures in epileptic children; so much, in fact, that the FDA developed a CBD-derived prescription drug to treat epilepsy. This disorder also affects the pet population, with approximately 5% of dogs experiencing epileptic seizures. The standard protocol for this usually involves liver-damaging drugs like potassium bromide and phenobarbital prescribed by vets. However, CBD has the ability to reduce the occurrence of seizures in dogs, without causing other health issues.

CBD Reduces the Risk of Cancer

CBD can actually halt the growth of new cancer cells as well as boost the immune system’s ability to kill existing cancer cells. For dogs receiving traditional cancer treatments, CBD can also enhance their success rate, and reduce the nausea and stomach upset often associated with chemotherapy.

Inflammation and Pain Management

As dogs age, they become more susceptible to degenerative diseases and health issues that can cause pain and reduced mobility. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDS) and traditional medications commonly prescribed for these symptoms can often lead to other problems such as liver damage or even death. CBD, on the other hand, is safe, and due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and ability to work in synergy with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, it can effectively reduce pain and inflammation.

CBD Decreases Anxiety and Stress

Some dogs are more susceptible to stress and anxiety than others, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorders, separation anxiety, sensitivity to noises, and so on. Extensive studies show that the natural calming properties of CBD can help alleviate stress and anxiety in dogs.

CBD Improves Cardiovascular Health

CBD has been shown to help regulate heart rate, protect blood vessels, and improve the function and strength of the heart.

CBD oil made from hemp is completely legal in the United States. It offers multiple health benefits for your dog and may even prolong his/her life. There are no known risks of overdosing on CBD. However, when first introducing it to your pet, start with small doses to avoid stomach upset.

Be sure to choose a high quality CBD product for your dog to ensure he/she reaps the most health benefits possible. Read labels and opt for pure, natural versions in order to protect your dog from potential additives, pesticides, insecticides, and dangerous solvents. As always, seek the advice of a holistic vet should you have any questions, or if your dog is currently taking prescription medications.

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