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A Complete Guide To CBD Flower

If you've been looking for more information about CBD hemp flower, then this article is for you. We’ll be taking a look at what CBD hemp flower is and even check out some of the most popular CBD flower varieties!

CBD is increasingly becoming one of the most popular natural compounds in the world! One of the best things about CBD is its versatility. There are a variety of different ways you can take CBD, including CBD flower, which is the most natural way to introduce CBD into your daily routine.

In the following article, we’re going to take a look at why CBD flower is so popular, how CBD flower is different from regular flower or bud, and some of the most popular CBD flower strains on the market.

How Is CBD Flower Different From Regular Cannabis Flower?

One of the most popular new CBD products available is CBD flower, or hemp flower. Most CBD products use CBD that is sourced from hemp plants. This is because hemp is naturally high in CBD and low in THC.

The CBD flower, or hemp flower, is the bud portion of the hemp plant. CBD is non-psychotropic. What does this mean? It means that CBD flower isn’t going to get you high like other marijuana flowers will. It has no psychoactive properties.

There are a variety of different ways you can enjoy CBD flower, including smoking it in a joint or cone, pipe, bong, or vaporizer. Vaping is one of the most popular ways to enjoy hemp flower because the flower itself isn’t heated to the point of combustion.

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking but does require the purchase of an electronic vaporizer (don't worry, if you need one, we have you covered). The flower is heated to the point that the CBD is released as a vapor and inhaled. The leftover flower is discarded afterward.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Strains of CBD Flower?

The most popular fresh CBD flower sold at Simply Crafted CBD is the premium Otto Cherry Hemp CBD flower. It’s cured with terpenes from a number of different cannabis strains.

The different combinations of strains allow you to choose a variety of CBD flower that suits your needs. Some of the different features of our popular strains of CBD flower are:

  • Ancient Lime – Ancient Lime is the perfect daytime CBD flower. It offers you a vibrant, sweet, and delicious flavor that delivers sativa-like energizing effects that are perfect for creativity.

  • Suver Haze – a special strain with a very strong, intoxicating terpene profile. With an incredible 18.4% CBD content, forest green buds and a sweet aroma similar to that of tropical fruit, Suver Haze is sure to leave you satisfied on all fronts.

  • Strawberry Shortcake – Strawberry Shortcake was developed by mixing a special J3 cut from a strain called "Juliet", together with Strawberry Diesel, a strain that exudes sweet, strawberry aromas. The CBD-level of Strawberry Shortcake can reach up to 21%, making it a very potent variety that induces uplifting, energetic, and cerebral effects.

  • Lifter – Lifter is one of the most popular CBD hemp strains due to its consistency. Users can expect a light energetic lift with a sense of alleviation in the body and mind. Presenting itself with sweet and citrus flavors, Lifter is great for soothing the body while focusing on the task at hand.

  • Sour Lifter – Sour Lifter energizes, making it great for daytime use. It produces strong cerebral effects, which may be overpowering to novice users. Sociable and fun, the effects of this strain are felt upon first taste. Sour Lifter's pungent, fuel-like aroma speaks to the sheer strength of this strain.

  • Sour Space Candy – Sour Space Candy is a great daytime strain when you’re looking for an enlivened calm. Deep notes of lemon, cheese, and tropical fruit give this extraordinary CBD hemp flower a look and smell that's simply out of this world.

  • Sour Blueberry Diesel – Blueberry Diesel is a cross of two favorite strains, Blueberry and Sour Diesel. It is probably best known for its strong blueberry smell with hints of fuel from its Diesel lineage.

  • Super Lemon Haze – True to its name, Super Lemon Haze has a strong citrus aroma and zesty flavor. The strong lemon taste makes it one of the most uplifting hemp strains around.

  • Grape Ape – Grape Ape, propagated by Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, is a mostly indica strain that crosses Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Named for its distinct grape-like smell, this indica is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe pain, stress, and anxiety.

  • Cherry Pie – Cherry Pie's parents are Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The effects have been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours.

  • Blueberry Pie – Blueberry Pie is the indica-dominant hybrid of two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream, that was crossed with industrial hemp. Grown in the Umpqua Valley, this amazing strain is sure to help you at the end of your day.

  • Cookies – Cookies is a versatile strain that's good for any time of day. It has a sweet flavor that delivers a balanced hybrid effect. It’s a great strain for anyone searching for a balanced effect from their CBD flower.

  • OG Kush – OG Kush has strong citrus notes and delivers a balanced and soothing effect due to its hybrid qualities.

  • Legendary OG – True to its Kush background, Legendary OG is heavily sedating. It elevates the mind while helping soothe aches and pains throughout the body. Its indica-dominant qualities make it a great nighttime selection.

  • Bubba Kush – This batch of high CBD hemp comes straight from the Oregon sun and soil. Deep notes of lemon and clove aromas give way to tastes of cocoa and coffee.

  • Critical Kush – If you’re looking for a nighttime strain of CBD flower, then Critical Kush is the perfect choice for you. This CBD flower delivers an indica-like experience that’s soothing, calming, and relaxing.

  • Lemon Kush – The sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with earthy kush undertones. Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour.

  • NY CBDiesel – Derived in part from the infamous NYC Diesel strain, NY CBDiesel is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD strain with all the amazing qualities of its parents. NY CBDiesel is a great daytime strain with a strong lemon and pine aroma and very stimulating effects.

  • Purple Frost – Purple Frost is an indica-dominant hybrid bred and produced by Samadhi Farms. A pungent cross of Obama Kush and Skunk #1, Purple Frost offers a bouquet of spices, diesel fuels, but with a round, earthy undertone.

  • Harlequin – Harlequin is a 75/25 sativa-dominant strain renowned for its reliable expression of CBD. A descendant of Colombian Gold, a Nepali indica, and Thai and Swiss landrace strains, you can depend on Harlequin to provide clear-headed, alert sativa effects.

  • Chardonnay – Bred by HGH Seeds, Chardonnay is a beautiful purple CBD cultivar created by crossing Black Rose with Cherry Wine. It gets its dark purple color from Black Rose and its flavor profile from Cherry Wine. Expect notes of fresh strawberry-rhubarb jam and candied raspberries, which are accompanied by the non-euphoric effects of CBD genetics.

  • Elektra – Elektra CBD hemp flower has hints of sweet pine with a taste of citrus, just before melting into a deep wood flavor. Elektra is great for those afflicted with joint and muscle fatigue or overall discomfort. Its ability to help you relax is sure to put you in a great mood any time of day.

  • Hempress – The Hempress is a blend of Oregon Cherry (Z7 x Z6) x Abacus. It has a sweet floral aroma and taste. This strain is extremely dense! High in the rare cannabinoid CBC, and rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Remedy – Remedy is a high-CBD strain created as a collaboration between Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds, the creator of the famed Cannatonic strain. The breeders developed Remedy by crossing a Cannatonic female with an Afghan and Skunk male from Mr. Nice.

  • Purple Hawaiian Haze – Purple Hawaiian Haze is a sativa cannabis strain that derives its name from its parent strains and emits a scent reminiscent of tropical fruits and flowers. Enjoy its uplifting, calming effects, perfect for any time of day.

  • Zkittlez – Another great nighttime strain, Zkittlez has a very fruity flavor that combines the tastes of grapes and berries for a delicious fusion. It’s best used at night because of its indica-like calming and soothing properties.

When it comes to choosing a CBD flower that’s suitable for you, you should think about choosing one that meets your day or night requirements. The great thing about CBD flower is that with so many different strains of hemp flower to choose from, there’s sure to be one that suits you. If you've been looking for a natural alternative to CBD oils and tinctures, then CBD flower could be the perfect choice for you!

If you would like to learn more about CBD flower, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and professional team are always happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re currently taking any medication, always speak to your doctor or health care provider before trying CBD.

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