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CBD: Is It Safe To Vape?

With almost 1,500 hospitalizations and 35 deaths linked to vaping in 2019, there is definitely a concern about whether or not vaping is safe. Black market THC products are largely to blame for this outbreak of illnesses, along with some e-cig nicotine brands. These products are laden with contaminants, a result of cutting corners to increase profit margins.

THC products on the black market are at high risk of being contaminated, because there is no regulation. While CBD has not been linked to these cases, it is still important to make sure you purchase CBD from a reputable dispensary or research the CBD seller online before making a purchase. Make sure they perform third-party lab testing and have COAs to prove it.

Over the past several years, vaping has become quite popular, with e-cigarettes being used to help smokers quit smoking, and CBD or THC versions geared towards improving overall well-being, as well as for recreational use. Because of how convenient these products are, they seem to be used everywhere. They're also more discreet than traditional cigarettes, drawing far less attention when used in public.

However, more recently, vaping has received a lot of negative attention. During the early part of 2018, a public announcement issued by the United States Army warned people of the potential health risks associated with vaping CBD and THC. The statement was issued after two North Carolina military medical centers treated more than 60 patients within a short period of time. The individuals shared common symptoms, which included seizures, headaches, vomiting, irritability, and nausea. The other commonality was that each person had also recently used CBD, THC, and/or synthetic CBD oils for vaping.

In addition to the military reports, public emergency rooms located in North Carolina also treated several individuals, all of whom were experiencing hallucinations, irregular heart beat, and loss of consciousness. These 30 patients also reported using CBD vape products. According to a Washington Post article in September 2019, similar incidents have occurred in 33 different states, resulting in almost 500 cases of hospitalization and five deaths. One month later, according to the CDC, there have been almost 1,500 cases and 35 deaths associated with e-cigs and other vape products. The cause of this epidemic has still not been fully determined, but it seems likely that these illnesses are coming from illicit black market vape products laden with contaminants and fillers.

The blame for these illnesses is largely being placed on counterfeit THC products, primarily Dank Vapes, an Instagram-popularized brand strictly available on the black market. Since THC (the psychoactive form of cannabis) is still very controlled in the U.S., only being available recreationally and medicinally in select states, seekers often resort to obtaining it illegally from friends or dealers. These suppliers have really latched onto the vape industry, and have become very sophisticated, with huge illegal operations.

Sadly, such suppliers very seldom take safety precautions and often mix questionable ingredients, all in an effort to pocket a larger profit. Fortunately, law enforcement personnel throughout the country are always fighting to get such dealers off the streets, and they are making headway. In fact, one large THC vape ring was dismantled in Wisconsin, after reportedly selling various counterfeit vape products that have since been linked to illnesses.

With any hope, reports like this will be enough to convey the critical need to only purchase CBD products from reliable, reputable sources. CBD oil provides an array of benefits and is capable of supporting the body’s intricately designed endocannabinoid system. It won't be nearly as effective if there are contaminants laden throughout the CBD vape product, though, so make sure to purchase a lab-tested safe product.

So, as for the question of whether or not vaping is safe, the answer depends on what you’re vaping. For instance, vaping chemically laden extracts may subject the lungs to unnecessary danger, as indicated in the reports above. Also, nicotine-filled e-cigarettes may get rid of the smoke and the heat that causes damage to the throat and lungs, but it is highly unlikely you’ll overcome a nicotine addiction. On a positive note, there have been studies that indicate vaping CBD can be beneficial in the quest to quit smoking and is considered a much safer alternative. The Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

CBD oil has been shown to offer an array of benefits that enhance physical, mental, and emotional health. When CBD first hit the market, it was available in oral supplements and tinctures. Soon after, it came in various flavors and made its way into edibles, as well as skincare serums and topical solutions for pain. Then, following in the path of other cannabis products, CBD manufacturers recognized the upsurge of vape pen usage and created a CBD version.

Perhaps one of the most prevalent uses of the CBD vape pen is to quit smoking. The University College London reported in the Addictive Behaviors Journal that participants consuming CBD oil via vape pen were able to decrease the number of cigarettes smoked on a daily basis. A primary reason that smokers find it so difficult to quit is that part of the addiction is the act of smoking (i.e, hand to mouth movements, inhaling, etc.), which a CBD vape pen satisfies as well.

Other benefits of vaping CBD include its ability to increase alertness and energy, and offer quick relief for anxiety, stress, inflammation, and pain. Furthermore, when used in combination with a sublingual version, the user experiences even longer lasting effects. The Different CBD Products

CBD oil is available in an assortment of products because the methods of delivery address different issues and offer varying effects. For example, muscle salve can offer fast relief to a specific area, as can the sublingual tinctures that are held under the tongue. These two methods in particular work synergistically with vaping different forms of CBD oil and concentrate. There are also beneficial properties just from taking CBD in the form of an oral supplement, which is more slowly assimilated by the body because it passes through the digestive tract, yet is still capable of making a positive impact. Another form of CBD is high CBD flower, which is often used in snacks and teas. The CBD flower, or bud, is ground up for smoking as well, and is available in pre-rolled joints or in different weight increments. Unlike THC joints that may induce sleepiness or feelings of being high, the CBD flower buds provide a more energizing effect, drawn solely from its cannabis sativa roots. Additionally, with the right preparation this CBD flower can be used in vaporizers. The Best Forms Of CBD For Vaping

One of the most popular forms of vaping CBD has been concentrates. The oil is stored in a cartridge that fits into the vape pen, which contains a battery and coils for heating the oil. Simply take a puff to experience the effects. There are also disposable CBD vape pens that come with the battery and oil all in one.

The CBD wax version is also highly sought after. CBD wax forms are used in dab pens that also have a chamber for heating, or in dab rigs as well. CBD wax is one of the most potent, fast-acting vape forms available. Using a wax version can provide instantaneous relief, which is ideal for individuals who are vaping CBD for pain or stress relief. When first experimenting with the dab pen, it's best to start out slowly, inhaling small puffs to gauge the effects.

Vaping CBD is one of the most efficient forms for experiencing its benefits. It is an easy, convenient method that can be used discreetly anywhere, anytime. There are a lot of vape products out there, though, so you have to make sure to purchase a high-quality item, not just some low-priced one. As with THC products, as long as you purchase the CBD from a good, reputable source, there is no evidence that shows vaping CBD is unsafe.

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