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How CBD Decreases the Effects Of THC

Getting too high from THC causes adverse but harmless side effects. Likely, you've felt the paranoid, anxious, and even dreadful side effects after smoking too much.

However, it turns out that CBD may be able to decrease the effects of THC. Strains with a higher ratio of CBD content will balance out and even enhance some of THC's properties.

How this works is a little complicated and requires a deep dive into some complex biology. No worries, though, because we're going to break it all down and explain it simply.

Continue reading below to find out how CBD is able to modify the effects of THC.

The Endocannabinoid System

Perhaps you've already heard of the endocannabinoid system (ECS)—or maybe not. In any case, the ECS is an interwoven system of receptors throughout the body. These receptors are part of specific cells—like brain cells, muscle cells, and even immune cells.

What's unique about these receptors is that cannabinoids like THC and CBD can activate them. You can think about this activation like a lock and key. The lock is the receptor, and the key is the cannabinoid. Once unlocked, it causes something to happen. That something is different depending on where the lock is and whatthe key is.

The Endocannabinoid System and THC

THC has psychoactive effects because of the locks (or receptors) that it interacts with. The locks (or receptors) that THC connects to are known as CB1.

These CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain. The part of the brain that they're found in is involved with emotion, hunger, pain, pleasure, and more.

Once THC unlocks the CB1 receptors, that causes the high that we feel. However, too much THC can cause unwanted side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

How Does CBD Counteract The Effects of THC?

Now that we know a little background about the ECS, we can see how CBD counteracts THC. However, we need to know how CBD works in comparison with THC.

The thing is, CBD can also interact with CB1 receptors but in a different way. Instead of unlocking the lock (or receptor), CBD blocks the lock.

That means that CBD will prevent THC from connecting to the CB1 receptor. The result is that CBD reduces the effects of THC.

Although, this blocking isn't the only way CBD can counteract THC. Studies have shown that CBD can have anti-anxiety effects of its own.

How this works is that CBD can unlock receptors that aren't a part of the ECS. Without going into too much detail, CBD can interact with some receptors in the brain involved with mood.

That means that CBD may help reduce feelings of anxiety which can weaken the side effects of THC.

CBD Content Changes the Effects of Cannabis

The amount of CBD in any given strain is essential for the overall effects of the strain. You're likely familiar with the terms indica, sativa, and hybrid when purchasing cannabis.

Indicas are relaxing, sativas are energetic, and hybrids have a balance of both. However, what if we told you that this might be totally false?

The effects we feel from any given cannabis strain are due to the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. The cannabis industry is just now beginning to catch onto this concept.

Recently, you might notice that dispensaries are including THC and CBD ratios. It's thought that the higher the amount of CBD, the more relaxing the strain is.

If a strain has a very low amount of CBD compared to THC, there may be a higher chance of adverse side effects.

Can CBD Enhance the Effects of THC?

Now here's another interesting finding—scientists think that CBD might be able to enhance THC. That's because CBD may be able to keep THC circulating in the system for longer.

That means that CBD might make THC more effective and longer-lasting. However, that doesn't mean that CBD makes THC stronger.

Instead, it means that we can get the benefits of THC for longer without the side effects.

Never Get Paranoid Again

One of the best ways to avoid getting the adverse side effects from THC is by having less of it. The way to do that is to use high-CBD hemp flower or Delta-8 THC products.

CBD flower has become an incredibly popular choice for those who want the experience and benefits of cannabis without the high. Delta-8 THC provides a much more relaxed high that's similar to THC but not as strong.

However, not all CBD flower and Delta-8 THC products are made equally. If you want the best of the best, then look no further than products from Simply Crafted.

Simply Crafted has an incredible selection of high-quality cannabis products that are all lab-tested. Find your favorite CBD flower or Delta-8 THC product at Simply Crafted and never experience paranoia or anxiety again.

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