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How Often Should I Take CBD?

When and how often to take your CBD oil or other CBD supplement is a common question. There is, however, no "one size fits all" answer to this. Before you ask when, you should ask yourself why am I taking CBD? The reason may help determine the best time, and how often you should take CBD.

Finding the best time and frequency for taking CBD depends on your specific needs. If you're taking it for anxiety attacks or for pain relief, your best bet is to take it before the attack or flare up occurs. Just make sure to allow the appropriate amount of time from when you take the dose and when that form of CBD will take effect, e.g. take CBD gummies an hour before bed to help you fall asleep.

If, on the other hand, you're taking CBD simply to maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system, you will want to make sure to be consistent with your dosing every day. Lastly, if you're just taking CBD for recreational use, it will solely be a matter of personal preference when to take CBD and how much to take.

Some people get out of bed in the morning and feel that it's their most energetic period of the day and want to take their daily CBD oil then to get an extra boost of focus, while others may prefer to take their CBD throughout the day to stay calm. Some people report feeling sleepy immediately, or some minutes after taking their CBD. These people may prefer taking their CBD in the evening or at some point towards the end of the day, in the night about an hour before bed.

There is no precise time or even ideal part of the day to take your CBD, it’s simply a matter of personal needs and preference, and what works best for you.

How Often Should I Take CBD?

Another similar question that gets asked a lot is how often should you take CBD oil or other forms of CBD. Like the question of what time of day is best to take your CBD, the frequency depends on you as well. How often you take CBD depends largely on you and the result you want to get from your consumption, be it as a medicine, supplement, or for leisure.

Some people prefer to take it to perpetuate the natural CBD levels in their bodies’ endocannabinoid system, while some others have to take it in order to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment of their health conditions. Still others take it just for pure pleasure or leisure. So the question of frequency depends on your goal and your body, and if there are underlying issues causing you to use CBD.

Just like many other substances, over time there is a possibility of a CBD build-up in the body. This is believed to trigger an increase in the cannabinoid receptors, which in turn makes the endocannabinoid receptors in the body system even more effective and efficient. So regular CBD intake is important to maintain the body's highest efficacy.

The frequency of consumption can (or should) also be determined by how long the CBD's effects stay in the body system. This is affected by a host of factors, including what form of CBD you use, your total body weight, body fat, how often CBD is consumed, etc. The effects of CBD may last from as little as 12 hours to a few days, depending on your frequency of consumption.

Do You Need To Be Consistent For It To Be Effective?

Just like most things in life, consistency is crucial. Like any dietary supplement, you also need to be consistent in your consumption of CBD to get the desired result over time. Without consistency, you may not quite achieve the goals desired from your CBD consumption, and this is one reason some people are not as pleased as others in regards to their CBD result.

It goes without saying, you have to form good habits to get the desired results, just like your body needs to form the habit of working out, even when it isn’t so convenient for you. People with very fit bodies always tell a story of persistence and consistency in their workout regimen. The same is the case with eating a healthy diet. You don’t expect to get great results immediately after you begin. Although the results are not immediate, you just have to continue because in time, your health will improve.

Similarly, to get the desired result from your consumption of CBD, you have to form good habits. The keyword here is "consistency." If you're not consistent, you may not achieve your desired result.

Did you know the half-life of CBD is between 11 to 24 hours?

This means that after this time-frame, there is no more CBD in your system. So, if you took only one dose for two days, you’d only have it in your system for about half a day to one full day at most.

What happens the second day?

You may have to take multiple doses per day so you can have a steady level of CBD in your system.

Does it matter what form it is in, topical, ingested, or smoked?

A lot of times we are asked if the form of CBD that’s taken matters. Again, the most important thing is to take an adequate proportion of CBD daily. Before you start to get concerned about the form in which you are consuming it, make sure you are consistent with your CBD intake.

However, some CBD forms are more concentrated than others. It is important to note that CBD can be absorbed in the following forms;

While the smoking of CBD provides the highest concentration and the fastest way of processing it, you have to try out a few methods to know which is best for your system.

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