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Navigating the Tide: Adapting to Minnesota's New Cannabis Laws


The complex tapestry of hemp and cannabis regulation keeps evolving, demanding a vigilant eye to stay informed.

Minnesota recently unveiled significant modifications to its cannabis and hemp-derived laws, greatly impacting numerous products in the Simply Crafted line. These changes come as part of the broader legal landscape reshaping with the forthcoming legalization of cannabis in the state, scheduled to take effect in August 2023.

Understanding the Changes

Before we navigate the impact on our product suite, let's first decode what these new laws imply.

A pivotal alteration lies in the hemp law that took effect in July 2022, allowing the sale of edible products and beverages. This development sparked an industry response to producing and selling drinks carrying up to 50 mg of THC per container. However, the tide has turned with the new changes.

Under the updated stipulation, a beverage container can hold a maximum of two servings, capping the total THC content at 10 mg. This signifies a steep decline from the erstwhile 50 mg limit per container.

The new hemp law has also instituted a comprehensive ban on synthetically derived cannabinoids and vaporization products. This prohibition covers all hemp-derived vapes, with the ban's scope expanding to include vapes containing non-intoxicating cannabinoids.

Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining. The law, arguably, continues to permit industrial hemp flowers meant for smoking.

Impact on Our Products

These legislative revisions necessitate that we at Simply Crafted recalibrate our offerings to ensure absolute alignment with Minnesota law.

Our 50mg Coolers and Shots will be phased out, bearing the brunt of the newly imposed THC limit on beverages. We acknowledge many of our customers' fondness for these products and are proactively working to recalibrate each product to fall within Minnesota’s new THC threshold (10 mg).

In accordance with the blanket ban on all hemp vapes, we will regretfully be pulling all vape and HHC flower from our Minnesota product catalog. The widespread popularity of these products made this a difficult decision.

Our Compliance and Commitment

While these changes might appear stark, it's critical to understand that these are interim measures instated by the Minnesota Department of Health until a recreational cannabis board comes to fruition. These safeguards aim to ensure consumer safety and well-being.

At Simply Crafted, we assure you that our priority is to remain compliant with all state laws and regulations. These modifications, albeit challenging, underscore our resolve to operate within the law and deliver safe, superior-quality products.

For Our Customers Outside of Minnesota

The ramifications of these changes are mostly local, primarily impacting our Minnesota customers. However, we want to reassure our customers from other regions that our commitment to you remains unwavering, and our complete range of hemp-derived products remains readily accessible.

Our sister site, Luxe Delta, is designed to cater to our customers outside Minnesota. Here, we maintain our comprehensive suite of hemp-derived products, including popular favorites and new additions. This extends beyond the reach of Minnesota's current regulatory adjustments.

Beyond maintaining the availability of our products, we also want to emphasize our commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date information to all our customers, regardless of location. We understand that regulation changes in one state might spark questions or concerns in others. Rest assured; we are here to guide you, answer your queries, and provide clarity amidst the evolving cannabis laws.

Moreover, it is crucial to note that each state has its unique set of cannabis laws subject to change. Consequently, we encourage our customers to stay informed about their local regulations. We will also continue to provide updates relevant to our products and their availability across different regions.

Our mission is to ensure that all customers, regardless of geographic location, feel supported, informed, and confident in their purchases from Simply Crafted. We sincerely appreciate your trust in us and thank you for your continued patronage.

The Importance of Growing Your Own Cannabis at Home

As demonstrated, cannabis and hemp laws can transition abruptly.

Fortunately, our customers can rely on our top-rated cannabis seeds. With the legalization of marijuana, Minnesotans now have the privilege of growing a certain number of cannabis plants at home. Hence, our customers can exploit the hiatus before the official opening of cannabis dispensaries in Minnesota.

Official estimates propose 2025 as the commencement date for functional cannabis dispensaries. Until then, the optimal way to access cannabis is to purchase feminized, autoflower, or fast-flowering seeds and cultivate them at home starting August 2023.

Lastly, if waiting until 2025 wasn’t enough reason to begin growing cannabis at home, the new law stipulates a staggering 10% sales tax on each cannabis product purchase.


We realize navigating these changes can be bewildering, but we're committed to assisting you.

At Simply Crafted, we pledge to keep you enlightened and deliver the finest hemp-derived products within the legal parameters. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing patronage as we adapt to these novel regulations.

Hold tight as we explore and bring new, compliant products that align with Minnesota's revamped laws. Stay connected for riveting updates!

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