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Our grinders are made with a superior design and highly reliable construction. Our 4-piece grinder is the only grinder in its class that offers its customers both materials in heavy duty zinc and precisely surfaced CNC aluminum.  


Unlike other over-priced, sub-standard grinders on the market, our grinder manufacturing process ensures that our grinders are made from stronger and more durable materials than the competition. Our grinders are one the most economical, long lasting grinder you will ever own. 




  • 2.5” Diameter x 1.75” Height
  • Heavy duty and durable zinc alloy construction
  • Plastic ring included designed to for an easy and fast grinding experience
  • Pollen Scraper Included
  • 4 piece, 3 chamber design
  • Mesh screen for fine pollen filtering

4-Piece Metal Grinder - 2.5"