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Each glass joint contains 0.5g of terpene rich, trichome frosted, full-spectrum hemp flower. 


SATIVA - Sun Dancer : Nothing can eclipse your brilliance when you’re energized by this sweet and earthy, sativa-acting CBD strain. Its terpinoline dominant profile will help you tap dance across your to-do list with renewed focus and creativity. 
AROMA: Camphor, Sweet, Citrus 

FLAVOR: Fruity, Piney, Earthy 

TERPENE EFFECT: Energy, Focus, Calm 


HYBRID - Zen Cowboy: Got a little hitch in your giddyup? Bring some peace to your pasture and bliss to your barnyard with this piney, hybrid-acting CBD hemp flower. 

AROMA: Camphor, Sweet 

FLAVOR: Spicy, Piney 

TERPENE EFFECT: Comfort, Focus 


INDICA - Moonwalker: Gravity is a bummer. Ditch it and take yourself for a spacewalk instead with this smooth and serene, indica-acting CBD flower. In space, no one can hear you chill. 

AROMA: Sweet, Fruity 

FLAVOR: Spicy, Earthy 

TERPENE EFFECT: Comfort, Calm 



Also available in a reusable and recyclable pack containing  7 pre-filled GRAV CBD glass joints and 1 GRAV glass mouthpiece with silicone grommet for a total weight of ⅛ oz. flower per pack. 


COA (Certificate Of Analysis) 


Lab Tested | Organic | Grown in USA 

Hemp Flower Pre-Filled Grav Glass Joint