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Everything You Need to Know About HHC Flowers

When it comes to the most natural feel — nothing beats hemp-derived HHC flowers.

Unlike hemp-derived HHC cartridges and concentrates, HHC flowers provide the five senses with endless joy. From the sound of slow-burning buds to delicious terpene content, HHC flowers are the hemp industry’s best-kept secret.

Soon, you’ll discover everything you need to know about HHC flowers, such as their effects, flavors, potency, and finally, where to buy real HHC flowers.

The Production Process of HHC Flowers

HHC is an uncommon cannabinoid in hemp and THC-rich cannabis plants.

The vast majority of hemp plants generally contain microscopic levels of naturally-occurring HHC, rendering it impossible to mass produce. Luckily, researchers found an ingenious method to convert one of the most abundant cannabinoids into HHC.

By hydrogenating THC (adding hydrogen atoms), scientists created HHC. Now, hemp manufacturers don’t need to rely on finding a hemp species that produce large quantities of HHC.

Instead, HHC is produced by adding hydrogen atoms to the most readily available cannabinoid: THC.

Infusing Hemp Flowers With HHC

Since HHC is practically impossible to find in a natural setting, HHC flowers are infused or coated with HHC isolate.

Once a hemp manufacturer harvests their top-shelf hemp flowers, the product is trimmed, dried, manicured, and cured. The final step in the long production process is to infuse each hemp flower with HHC.

Manufacturers use HHC isolate because it contains nothing else and provides maximum potency. In general, HHC extracts can have upwards of 30% HHC.

Once ready, hemp flowers are coated and infused with HHC with the help of sprayers with micron filters. Thus, HHC extract is evenly sprayed across all available surface areas on the hemp flower.

The Effects of HHC Flowers

HHC flowers produce effects similar to THC — albeit a much more mellow version.

Considering HHC is produced by hydrogenating THC, it’s no wonder why HHC has effects such as:

  • Euphoria

  • Elevated mood

  • Increased focus and energy

  • Elevated perception

As such, HHC is known as THC-Lite because of its more relaxed effects compared to Delta-9 THC.

The Legality of HHC Flowers

Since HHC is known as THC-Lite — it begs the question of legality.

Luckily, the 2018 Farm Bill covers HHC because it’s derived from hemp. Hemp plants contain small quantities of Delta-9 THC, which is then converted to HHC.

Therefore, manufacturers abiding by the 2018 Farm Bill are acting within compliance. Although HHC is illegal in a few states, such as Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska, many other states like Minnesota and Wisconsin allow it.

The Terpene Content of HHC Flowers

All the flavor and aroma within HHC flowers are derived from the naturally-occurring terpene content within the plant.

Remember, HHC is isolated — meaning all terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are stripped during extraction. Once infused into hemp flowers, the HHC isolate plays no role in the flavor or aroma department.

Instead, the terpene content wholly depends on the hemp strain’s profile. The beauty of HHC flowers lies in their ability to provide naturally-occurring terpenes with added levels of HHC — a win-win for the user!

HHC Flower Products

Although HHC is considered niche — it’s quickly gaining popularity due to its mesmerizing effects.

One of the most notable HHC flower products that come to mind is HHC Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks are traditionally viewed as the powerhouse flower product filled with layers of cannabis extracts.

However, HHC Moon Rocks utilize a different approach to ensure compliance and overall safety.

HHC Moon Rocks begin with top-shelf hemp flowers that’s been fully manicured and cured for optimal potency and terpene content. At its core, HHC Moon Rocks contain a variety of cannabinoids, such as Delta-8 THC and CBD.

Next, the HHC Moon Rocks are coated in additional kief — detached trichomes from hemp flowers. Therefore, HHC Moon Rocks provide a double dose of naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

Lastly, HHC Moon Rocks are infused and coated with HHC isolate. The HHC isolate is the cherry on top, providing users with resounding effects that elevate the senses in every regard.

Where to Buy HHC Flowers Online

if you’re ready to indulge in the exciting effects that HHC offers — it’s time to find a top-shelf source.

Simply Crafted is a rare-cannabinoid online store bringing unbeatable hemp products to the table. Whether you live in Minnesota or not, Simply Crafted provides ultra-fast shipping, affordable prices, and impeccable selection.

If you’re a hemp enthusiast ready to experience the next level of hemp-derived products, grab a jar (or two) of HHC flowers today!

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