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What is CBN?

CBN is a minor cannabinoid that's non-psychoactive, like CBD. That means that CBN is non-intoxicating and doesn't make you feel high.

However, CBN isn't produced by cannabigerol (CBG) like THC, CBD, or CBC. Usually, when a cannabis plant is growing, the first cannabinoid to appear is CBG.

Over time, CBG turns into THC, CBD, and CBC because of enzymes. CBN is different because it's actually a by-product of THC damage and degradation.

That means that THC becomes CBN but only after enough time has passed or if the THC was damaged. That damage could be from the sun, heat, or being pressed.

CBN isn't as abundant as THC or CBD, but it's still a big part of the cannabinoid profile.

That means that every time you have cannabis, then you're having a dose of CBN too. However, interest in CBN has exploded because it may be great for getting a good night's rest.

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