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Everything You Need to Know About CBDV

Cannabidivarin, also known as CBDV, is a minor cannabinoid with big effects.

From pain relief to boosting the mood, CBDV is an incredible cannabinoid that’s quickly gaining steam. Read along as we detail everything you need to know about cannabidivarin and its unique traits.

What is CBDV?

CBDV is a minor cannabinoid with non-psychoactive effects.

In general, CBDV is found in landrace indica cannabis strains. Additionally, high CBDV strains contain extremely small amounts of THC.

Now, breeders experiment with high CBDV and CBD strains to create therapeutic varieties without exceeding the 0.3% threshold.

However, due to the scarcity of high CBDV strains, there is a limited selection to choose from. Luckily, we’ll list a few examples of high CBDV strains below.

What are the Effects of CBDV?

As mentioned previously, CBDV is non-psychoactive.

In other words, CBDV will not make you feel high. Instead, CBDV is known to promote relaxation and a general decrease in stress.

Although CBDV is a minor cannabinoid, researchers have completed many different studies in regards to its medical potential, such as:

How to Consume CBDV?

Currently, CBDV products are found in flower and concentrate form.

Due to the small amount of CBDV found in hemp flowers, cannabidivarin concentrates are typically expensive. Furthermore, the complicated process of extracting CBDV pushes the price skyward, making it rather unaffordable for many hemp enthusiasts.

Alternatively, CBDV-rich hemp flowers are affordable while maintaining a high amount of cannabidivarin.

However, you must always check lab tests to confirm that the product you’re buying is, in fact, rich in CBDV. Remember, CBDV and CBD have similar effects, which means lab tests are the definitive way to prove a product contains cannabidivarin.

Where to Buy CBDV-Rich Flower

If you’re ready to buy CBDV-rich hemp flower — you’ll need to head over to Simply Crafted.

Currently, Simply Crafted carries two CBDV-rich hemp strains:

Below, you’ll find in-depth information on each strain to gain a better understanding of each.

Forbidden V

Forbidden V, also known as Forbidden Fruit, is a delicious strain that’s rich in both CBD and CBDV.

Overall, the CBD content stands at 6.1%, and the CBDV is 4.4%. You’ll find a near 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBDV. Lastly, Forbidden V contains less than 0.3% THC.

Ultimately, Forbidden V is an uplifting hemp variety that is both long-lasting and utterly mouth-watering. If you’ve been waiting for a CBDV-rich hemp strain in 2022 — Forbidden V is it.

Pinewalker OG

Like the name sounds, Pinewalker OG is filled with spicy-fuel-pine flavors that are built to impress even the most discerning hemp enthusiast.

Most importantly, Pinewalker OG offers users a 1:1 CBD to CBDV ratio. From an elevated mood to deep-seated relaxation, Pinewalker OG is an exciting new offering for anyone searching for an effective CBDV-rich hemp strain.

Will CBDV Make You High?

Once again — CBDV is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not make you feel stoned or high. Even in high doses, CBDV does not alter the mind but instead relaxes it.

How Much CBDV-Rich Flower Should You Consume?

As with any cannabinoid, you must consume small amounts of CBDV-rich flower to see which dose works for you.

The best way to gauge your proper dosage is to consume a small amount of flower via smoking and allow 5-15-minutes to pass. After 5-15-minutes, you can consume more until you reach a comfortable level.

Is CBDV Legal?

This is the big question that most hemp consumers need to know.

Yes, CBDV-rich hemp flower is legal as long as it does not contain more than 0.3% THC. Similar to CBD, CBDV products must remain compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Luckily, you’ll find in-depth lab results at Simply Crafted, which uses the third-party testing facility of Green Leaf Lab.

Should You Try CBDV-Rich Flower?

If you want to experience a non-psychoactive hemp flower that’s rich in the therapeutic properties of CBD and CBDV — you should try CBDV-rich hemp flower.

The benefit of consuming CBDV-rich hemp flower is that you’re experiencing two important cannabinoids. Both CBDV and CBD relax the body and ease the mind, which are two effects that won’t go unnoticed in our stressful world.

If you’re ready to flip the script and try an effective cannabinoid that won’t make you feel high — head over to Simply Crafted and try CBDV-rich hemp flower today!

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