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How to Pick the Perfect Pipe

When it comes to enjoying your favorite herb, there’s nothing quite like a good pipe. Whether you’re at home or out on the town, glass pipes offer unparalleled convenience and portability. Not to mention, they provide some of the smoothest, most flavorful hits around.

With so many different types of pipes available on the market today, it can be tough to decide which vessel is suitable for you. This article will make the decision easier by outlining the benefits of each type of pipe and providing tips on choosing the best pipe for your needs.

Different Types of Pipes

Glass hand pipes are perhaps the most popular type of pipe among smokers. They offer a clean, smooth smoking experience and can be easily customized to fit your individual style.

Glass hand pipes are also relatively affordable, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious smokers. Pipes are available in all different shapes and sizes, each offering its own unique benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of pipes available:

  • Steamrollers: Steamrollers are a type of pipe that features a large bowl and a long, straight stem. These pipes get their name from how they look – like a large steamroller. These pipes are great for smokers who want big, powerful hits.

  • Spoons: Spoons are one of the most common types of pipes available. They get their name from their spoon-like shape and usually feature a small bowl. Spoons are great for smokers who want a quick, easy smoking experience.

  • Chillums: Chillums are straight, tube-shaped pipes small enough to fit in your pocket. They’re perfect for busy smokers who want a discreet way to enjoy their herb. If you’re looking for a pipe that’s easy to use and easy to conceal, a chillum is an excellent option.

  • Sherlocks: Sherlock pipes are a type of pipe that features a curved bowl and stem. They’re named after the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who was often depicted smoking a similar kind of pipe. Sherlock pipes offer a distinctive smoking experience.

  • Bubblers: Bubblers are a type of pipe that combines the best of both worlds – the portability of a chillum with the smooth, water-filtered smoking experience of a bong. Bubblers come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you.

  • Bongs: Bongs are the classic style of pipe that uses water filtration to cool and make the smoke smoother before the inhale. Bongs can range from being not much larger than a hand pipe to 24" tall +

Why Should I Choose Glass?

Glass pipes are the preferred choice among smokers for many reasons. Glass pipes offer a clean, smooth smoking experience. They are also pretty affordable, making them a great option for budget-conscious smokers.

In comparison to silicone and metal pipes, glass pipes are easier to clean and don’t affect the taste of your herb.

When it comes to durability, glass pipes are more likely to break than silicone or metal pipes. However, most glass pipes available today are relatively durable and can withstand regular use.

Considerations When Buying a Glass Pipe

Now that you know more about glass handheld pipes, it’s time to choose the best pipe for your needs. Here are some elements to consider when making your decision:

  • Price: One of the first things you’ll want to consider is price. Pipes range in price from around $20 to $200 or more. So it’s easy to find a pipe that fits your budget.

  • Material: As mentioned before, pipes are typically made from either glass, silicone, or metal.

  • Size: Another critical factor to consider is size. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, from small chillums to large steamrollers. Choose a pipe that’s the right size for your needs. Different pipes also feature different bowl diameters, so be sure to choose one that’s the right size for your smoking habits.

  • Style: pipes also come in a variety of styles. Some are simple and functional, while others are more ornate and decorative.

  • Functionality: One final factor to consider is functionality. Some pipes are designed for specific purposes, such as smoking dry herbs or concentrates. Make sure you choose a pipe that will meet your needs.

The Best Glass Pipes

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to choose the best glass pipe for your needs. Here are a few of our favorite pipes:

The Best Sherlock Pipe: GRAV Classic Sherlock Bubble Trap

The GRAV Classic Sherlock is made from high-quality glass and features a stylish Sherlock design. It’s perfect for smokers who want a pipe that looks great and smokes even better.

This classic Sherlock is practical yet stylish and convenient. The glass is thick, making the pipe hefty and long-lasting. The silky curves will catch everyone’s attention, and the sturdy construction can usually hold more herb than your typical handheld bowl.

The huge bowl and ash-catching crimp and mouthpiece combination allow you to enjoy smoking without frequent repacking

The Best Steamroller: GRAV Helix Steamroller

The Helix steamroller sports a unique design. Its signature Venturi chamber mouthpiece has three air intake holes which cool and spin the smoke. The Helix design filters smoke and also conserves plant matter.

However, don’t let its shape fool you. Even though the GRAV Helix Steamroller is shaped differently from other steamrollers, it still offers all the same great features and durability as a traditional steamroller.

The wider bowl allows you to pack more herbs and enjoy bigger hits. In addition, the long stem keeps your fingers away from the bowl.

It’s perfect for smokers who want big, powerful hits.

The Best Bubbler: GRAV Spherical Bubbler

This bubbler is perfect for smokers who want the convenience of a pipe with the smooth smoking experience of a bong. It features a sphere-shaped water chamber that filters and cools your smoke for a smooth, enjoyable hit.

With a 10 mm bowl, you can pack the GRAV Spherical Bubbler with either flower or concentrate.

The Best Chillum: Simply Crafted Wood & Glass Chillum

Chillums are great because they’re small and discreet. In addition, this chillum is made from wood and glass, making it both stylish and functional.

The small size of the Simply Crafted Wood & Glass Chillum makes it perfect for on-the-go smoking. In addition, it effortlessly fits in your pocket or handbag so that you can take it with you anywhere.

Plus, the natural wood mouthpiece allows for a nice, smooth hit.

The Best Hammer Hand Pipe: GRAV Hammer Hand Pipe 2.0

The GRAV Hammer Hand Pipe 2.0 is perfect for smokers who want a more portable bubbler. It features a unique hammer design that makes it easy to grip and hold.

This pipe has a more advanced design that includes a more prominent “can” chamber to catch ash. In addition, its rounded shape makes it easier to hit with a flat base that won’t roll away or tip over.

The Best Travel Pipe: GRAV Rocker with Silicone Sleeve

The GRAV Rocker w/Silicone Sleeve is perfect for traveling. The glass Rocker Steamroller is encased in a protective silicone case that keeps the glass safe from minor falls and bumps from any angle. It's un pique design also makes it virtually unspillable and unbreakable.

Because it has a silicone sleeve protecting the glass, you can easily pack it in your luggage without worrying about it getting broken.

The Best Glass Blunt: GRAV Glass Blunt with Silicone Grommet

A glass blunt is a great way to enjoy your smoking experience without having to roll a joint. The GRAV Glass Blunt with Silicone Grommet is perfect for smokers who want a stress and mess-free way to smoke.

To use the GRAV Glass Blunt, simply pull the mouthpiece back to open the chamber. Then, pack the chamber with your favorite herbs. When you’re finished, push the mouthpiece forward to ash as you smoke.

The Glass Blunt is also easy to clean. Simply open up the chamber with the mouthpiece and empty it when you’ve finished smoking.

The Best Handheld Water Pipe: GRAV Mini Round Base Water Pipe

The GRAV Mini Round Base Water Pipe is perfect for smokers who want a portable, handheld water pipe. It features a small, round base that makes it easy to grip and hold.

This pipe is only 6” tall and contains a fission downstem that diffuses smoke through water. The downstem is fixed to the inside of the pipe to prevent movement or damage.

With a 10mm bowl, the GRAV Mini Round Base Water Pipe is perfect for smokers who want to enjoy the smoothness that a water pipe offers.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Pipe

So, what’s the best pipe for you? It depends on what you’re looking for! If you want portability and convenience, consider using a handheld pipe that doesn’t use water. On the other hand, if you want a stronger, more powerful hit, then a handheld bubbler or steamroller might be a better option.

The bottom line is that there are no right or wrong choices when choosing a pipe. It all comes down to personal preference. With so many different types of pipes available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. So go out and explore all the options – you might be surprised at what you find.

At Simply Crafted CBD, we have a wide variety of pipes available. Shop our collection of handheld pipes today and find the perfect pipe for your needs.

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