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CBD Oil For Dogs

Benefits of CBD for pets

How can your dog or cat benefit from CBD? Like humans, your pets can also feel anxious, which explains why dogs bark when left home alone and why cats hide or meow excessively when feeling uneasy.


Also similar to humans, dogs are prone to arthritis, as are cats to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Both conditions are highly treatable using CBD in measured doses. Additionally, cancer in pets can be treated using CBD, with ample evidence showing an increase in comfort and reduced instances of cancer-related nausea.

Aside from treating acute conditions and diseases, the benefits of CBD for pets are numerous.

  • Puts pets at ease so they can handle alone time

  • Improved immune and nervous system

  • Reduces pet allergies and respiratory issues

  • Can help alleviate pet aggression

Because we depend on our pets so much, it’s easy to see how their comfort translates directly into our happiness. Moreover, as mentioned in the previous section, your pets have a natural endocannabinoid system just like we do, meaning they evolved with receptors to which CBD directly binds.

What kind of CBD should I give my pet?

If you’re ready to give your pet CBD, there are a few considerations to make first.

  1. Pure — The most important thing to look for is a high-quality CBD extract that contains as few ingredients as possible. At most, the CBD tincture you choose should have a full-spectrum CBD extract plus a carrier oil like olive oil, MCT oil (from coconuts), or fish oil. This will help keep your pet’s stomach calm and ensures better bioavailability.

  2. Natural — Do research about the CBD oil you’re considering for your pet. Was the hemp grown with or without pesticides? Only opt for CBD derived from organically grown hemp. The last thing your pet needs (or wants) is CBD oil with trace pesticides in it.

  3. Lab-tested — It’s crucial to ensure that the CBD extract you’re giving your pet has been third-party lab-tested for purity. Why? Because a certificate of analysis from an approved laboratory facility is the only way to know your pet is ingesting high-quality CBD free from contaminants, solvents, residual pesticides, and other undesirable traces.


Is CBD legal for pets?

After the 2018 passage of the federal Farm Bill, CBD derived from hemp is legal as long as the final product contains less than 0.3% THC. That’s another reason to always stick to lab-tested CBD extracts — you’ll know the total amount of THC straightaway. Pets are also more sensitive to THC than CBD, so you should be sure you’re buying natural, hemp-derived CBD extract for your pet.

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