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Vape Pods vs. Vape Cartridges — An In-Depth Comparison

When you’re browsing hemp-derived products online — you may come across vape pods and vape cartridges.

At first, you may think they are the same, but suddenly realize that they are two different products. To clear the confusion, we’ve detailed the differences and similarities between vape carts and pods below.

Read along as we compare vape pods and vape carts in this in-depth guide. Soon, you’ll understand which product fits your needs, whether it’s a vape pod or vape cartridge.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A vape cartridge is a product that contains hemp-derived extract, such as live resin.

Vape carts are typically dubbed 510 due to their 5mm connector and 10 threads. In general, 510 is the universal size for most cartridges.

As such, owning a 510-compatible battery is crucial when buying vape carts. Unless otherwise specified, most vape carts will come in the 510 size.

An example of a vape cartridge is Simply Crafted’s Delta-8 Live Resin Cart and compatible 510 Adjustable Battery.

What is a Vape Pod?

Vape pods are products that also contain hemp-derived extract.

However, vape pods typically feature proprietary connectors, which require a corresponding battery. In other words, vape pods are generally not compatible with 510 batteries.

Instead, vape pods are usually purchased with a specific battery pack that fits the thread. An example of vape pod compatibility is seen with Simply Crafted’s Delta-8 Vape Pod and Pod Battery.

The Similarities of Vape Pods and Cartridges

Now that you understand what a vape pod and cartridge are — let’s talk about the similarities between pods and carts.

Effortless Vaping Potential

When it comes to effortless vape clouds — both vape carts and pods perform admirably.

Pods and carts offer an incredibly smooth vaping experience, whether it's an inhale-to-vape or button-operated. From massive clouds to silky puffs, you’ll never regret the day you bought a vape pod or cartridge.

Easy to Use Design

Another critical similarity between pods and cartridges is their ease of use.

Vape pods and carts are beginner-friendly and don’t have a learning curve. Instead, pods and carts are as easy as puff, puff, pass.

Unlike other specialty vaporizers, vape carts and pods don’t necessitate the swapping of coils or refined temperature controls. Instead, vape pods and cartridges are pre-set and ready to vape the moment they are connected to a battery.


Another selling point of both cartridges and pods is their commitment to convenience.

In nearly all cases, vape pods and cartridges connected to a battery pack can slip into your front pocket. From handheld bags to the palm of your hand, vape pods and vape carts are easily stashable.

Whether you want to be discrete or find it easier while on the go, vape pods and carts are the epitome of easy vaping. Once you reach your destination, lightweight vape pods and carts can be pulled from your backpack and instantly vaped.

Unlike other complicated vaporizers, pods and carts are ready to go when you are.

Single-Use Products

Additionally, vape pods and carts are typically single-use products.

In other words, each product is pre-filled with hemp-derived concentrates, such as 1-gram. As with most single-use products, vape pods and cartridges cannot be refilled.

Top-Shelf Hemp-Derived Products

Lastly, vape pods and vape cartridges feature high-quality-hemp derived products, such as live resin.

From massive terpene concentrations to sky-high Delta-8 content, vape pods and carts are the go-to products for anyone searching for top-tier hemp-derived concentrates.

The Differences Between Vape Pods and Carts

Next, let’s take a look at the differences between vape cartridges and vape pods.

Thread Types

As mentioned above, vape pods and cartridges typically have different thread types.

In the case of cartridges, 510 thread types are commonplace. Alternatively, vape pods generally require proprietary thread types.


Although it’s a tough call — vape pods may last longer than cartridges.

The reason behind this is that pods use more efficient batteries, which prolong the overall longevity of the product. However, vape carts that use adjustable batteries may have the same benefit.


Vape pods look different compared to vape carts and vice versa.

Ultimately, vape pods may appeal to users who’ve previously used e-cigarettes. Alternatively, vape cartridges are recognizable among hemp and cannabis consumers.

In some cases, vape pods are smaller and more lightweight than cartridges. As such, users who require small devices will enjoy the compactness of vape pods.

Additionally, hemp extract is typically visible inside the vape cartridge due to the glass construction. As for vape pods, the extract is typically covered by the outer material.

Which Vape Product is the Best?

Vape pods and vape cartridges share a number of similarities and differences.

However, is one product better than the other? The answer to this question is: it depends.

In many cases, vape pods and vape carts cost the same. Therefore, pricing doesn’t normally come into the decision-making process.

Instead, the decision usually comes down to what’s inside the pod or cart. In other words, does the vape pod or vape cart contain that specific strain you’ve been searching for?

With this in mind, consumers typically buy vape pods or cartridges depending on the product within. If you’re after a live resin and it’s only available in a vape cartridge — you’ll likely choose the cart.

Both products feature convenience, ease of use, and efficient design. Therefore, you’ll need to rely on personal preference when choosing between pods and cartridges.

Where to Buy the Best Vape Pods and Vape Cartridges

If you’re ready to buy the best vape pods or cartridges filled with top-shelf hemp-derived extract, it’s time to take a look at Simply Crafted.

Soon, you’ll discover dozens of vape pods, vape cartridges, and batteries with the click of a button. From terpene-packed live resin cartridges to ultra-potent vape pods, you’re about to discover the world of high-end vaping.

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