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Lab Reports

High CBD Hemp Flower

Cherry Ultra Lab Report

DAD GRASS Lab Report

Hawaiian Haze Lab Report

MOM GRASS Lab Report

Sour Lifter Lab Report

Sour Space Candy Lab Report

Suver Haze Lab Report

White CBG Lab Report


612 STRAINS MN Tangie #1 Lab Report

612 STRAINS SOT Lab Report

612 STRAINS White Grape Lab Report​

DAD GRASS Joints Lab Report

HABIT CBD Flower Pre-rolls Lab Report

MOM GRASS Joints Lab Report


25mg CBD Gummies Lab Report

25mg CBG Gummies Lab Report

2:1 CBG/CBD Energy Gummies Lab Report

3:2:1 Sleep Gummies w/Melatonin & 5-HTP Lab Report

Tropical Bliss D8 Gummies Lab Report

Sleepy Tme Delta-8/CBN Gummies Lab Report

CBD Chocolate Bar Lab Report


Deep Sleep CBN/THC Gummies Lab Report

Sugar-Free 3:1CBN/THC Gummies Lab Report

Sugar-Free 5:1 CBD/THC Gummies Lab Report

1:1 Blackberry High Spectrum Gummies Lab Report

1:1 Peach High Spectrum Gummies Lab Report

1:1 Watermelon High Spectrum Gummies Lab Report

5:1 CBD:THC Gummies Lab Report

10:1 CBD:THC Gummies Lab Report

25:1 CBD:THC Gummies Lab Report

Cycling Frog CBD + THC Mints Lab Report

Cycling Frog 5:1 Gummies Lab Report

Legacy 2:1 Majestic Mints Lab Report


50mg THC Original Pretzels Lab Report

50mg THC Cheddar Pretzels Lab Report

50mg THC Chili Lime Pretzels Lab Report

50mg THC Cinnamon Pretzels Lab Report

50mg THC S'mores Pretzels Lab Report

50mg THC Infused Sugar Lab Report

50mg THC Maple Candies Lab Report

50mg THC Maple Syrup Lab Report

50mg THC Maple Sugar Lab Report

50mg THC Cajun Seasoning Lab Report

50mg THC Southwest Seasoning Lab Report

50mg THC Nashville Hot Seasoning Lab Report

50mg THC Caribbean Jerk Seasoning Lab Report

Strawberry Cheesecake Space Bites Lab Report

Sea Salt Caramel Space Bites Lab Report​

Dark Chocolate Space Bites Lab Report

Banana Cream Space Bites Lab Report

Cookies 'n Cream Space Bites Lab Report

Butterscotch Hard Candy Lab Report

Root Beer Hard Candy Lab Report


50mg THC Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunch Bar Lab Report

50mg THC Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar Lab Report

50mg THC Strawberry Cheesecake White Chocolate Bar Lab Report

50mg THC Apple Crumble White Chocolate Bar Lab Report

50mg THC Chocolope Bar Lab Report

50mg THC Chocolate Covered Cookies Lab Report


20mg THC Strawberry Crunchy Bars Lab Report

20mg THC S'mores Crunchy Bars Lab Report

20mg THC Peanut Butter Crunchy Bars Lab Report

50mg THC Milk Chocolate Lab Report

50mg THC Dark Chocolate Lab Report

50mg THC Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Lab Report

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites Lab Report

Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Lab Report

50mg THC Chocolate Cookies Lab Report​

50mg THC Cinnamon Roll Bar Lab Report


High Energy THC Gummies Lab Report

Daily Grind THC Gummies Lab Report

Comfortably Numb THC Gummies Lab Report

612 STRAINS Pineapple Express Gummies Lab Report​

612 STRAINS Strawnana Gummies Lab Report​

612 STRAINS Wedding Cake Gummies Lab Report​

612 STRAINS Zkittlez Gummies Lab Report​

Green Era Gummies Lab Report​

50mg THC Blackberry Gummies Lab Report

50mg THC Peach Gummies Lab Report

50mg THC Watermelon Gummies Lab Report​

Sugar-Free Watermelon Gummies Lab Report

Dreamland HHC/CBN Gummies Lab Report

Savage THCP Gummies Lab Report


Minne-Apple Crumble Seltzers Lab Report

OG Lemonade Seltzers Lab Report

Hazeberry Seltzers Lab Report

10mg THC Mango Kush Shot Lab Report

10mg THC Super Lemon Haze Shot Lab Report


25mg CBD Broad-Spectrum Softgels Lab Report

25mg CBD Full-Spectrum Softgels  Lab Report

25mg CBD + CBN &  Melatonin Lab Report

25mg CBD + Curcumin Lab Report

100mg CBD + 1mg THC Lab Report


3000mg CBD Tincture (All Blends) Lab Report

CBD+CBG Oil Lab Report

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Daytime Oil Lab Report

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Nighttime Oil Lab Report

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oil Lab Report

612 STRAINS Grapefruit Energy Oil Lab Report

612 STRAINS Harlequin Relief Oil Lab Report

612 STRAINS Hindu Kush Sleep Oil Lab Report

10:1 CBD+THC Blueberry Oil Lab Report

10:1 CBD+THC Lemon Haze Oil Lab Report

10:1 CBD+THC Peppermint Oil Lab Report

10:1 CBD+THC Unflavored Oil Lab Report

12:1 Citrus Sunrise Oil Lab Report

45mg THC Blueberry Oil Lab Report​

45mg THC Peppermint Oil Lab Report​

45mg THC Unflavored Oil Lab Report​


2000mg Active Relief Gel Lab Report

500mg Regenerative Lotion Lab Report

CBD+THC Lotion Lab Report

750mg CBD Cooling Gel Lab Report

2000mg CBD Cooling Stick Lab Report

6000mg CBD Healing Oil Lab Report

250mg CBD Salve Stick Lab Report

CBD Bath Bombs Lab Report

500mg CBD Massage Oil Lab Report 

500mg CBD Unscented Salve Lab Report​

500mg CBD Lavender Salve Lab Report​


CBD Live Resin (All Strains) Lab Report

CBD Vape Carts Lab Report

2ml CBD Vape Pens Lab Report

CBD Isolate Powder Lab Report


CBD Pet Chews Lab Report

CBD Pet Tincture Lab Report


Brothers Grimm

Cinderella 99

Grimm Glue

Genius Juice

Killer Queen



Rosetta Stone

Princess Haze

Space Queen

Durban Nights




2ml HHC Vape Pens

2ml THCP Death Star Vape Pen

2ml THCP Sour Gushers Vape Pen

Delta 8 Sativa Gummies

Delta 8 Hybrid Gummies

Delta 8 Indica Gummies

SAVAGE Wild Berry Gummies

SAVAGE Cherry Pineapple Gummies

SAVAGE Strawnana Gummies

D8+D9 High Spectrum Blue Razz Gummies

D8+D9 High Spectrum Cherry Pineapple Gummies

Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Tropical Gelato

Delta 8 2g Rechargable King Louis OG

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Cookie Milk

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Mango Kush

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Space Cake

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Berry Pie

Delta 8 2g Rechargable Strawberry Cheesecake

Delta 8 Syrup

D8+D9 1000mg Syrup Strawberry Lemonade

D8+D9 1000mg Syrup Mango

D8+D9 1000mg Syrup Grape

Delta 8 Pre-rolls


X Blend Blue Dream

X Blend Gelato

X Blend Watermelon

HHC Birthday Cake

HHC King Louis

HHC Purple Punch

Delta-8 OG Kush

Delta-8 Skywalker OG

Delta-8 Pineapple Express


Cereal Milk D8 Disposable Pen

Berniehana Butter Disposable Pen

Grenadine Disposable Pen

Berry Pie Disposable Pen

London Pound Cake Disposable Pen

Third-Party Testing You Can Trust

We use reputable third-party cannabis labs and rigorously test our hemp flower, cannabis extractions and infusions so that only the most effective, best CBD products are sold to you.

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How To Read The Reports

When buying cannabis and CBD products, you want to know that what you’re buying is of a certain quality. Granted, that goes with anything that you spend your hard-earned money on, but it goes double for something you’re going to be putting into your body.


Fortunately, the cannabis industry is regulated, and responsible suppliers regularly get their products tested and analyzed. For most people, just knowing that the supplier offers a Certificate of Analysis is enough for those people to be able to trust that supplier. However, you might want to read the results for yourself, and if that’s the case, you need to understand the information on the certificate, as well as any other reports.


The Certificate of Analysis tells you exactly what’s in the product. There are different types of THC and the certificate will tell you what type is in the labeled product. Again, for many people, THC is THC. For those looking for a specific variant, however - TCHa, THCv, Delta-8, Delta-9, etc - the certificate can be extremely helpful.


While that’s the main bit of information you’ll be looking for, the CoA also lists the ingredients, both active and inactive, as well as the lot number and the date it was manufactured. Finally, you’ll be able to read the information on CBD content and hemp oil.


Additional lab reports can give you further information on the contents of the product. This is usually broken down into a few different categories.


Cannabinoid Content: This deals with the isomers of CBD and THC. Simply put, this tells you whether or not there’s THC present in the product. Some labs list it as ND, or non-detectable, while others use Limit of Quantitation, or <LOQ. They both indicate that there’s no THC in the product.


Pesticides: Like many plants, pesticides can be used on cannabis to keep harmful insects at bay. Many people try to steer clear of pesticides and this will tell you whether or not any are present. The exact number may differ depending on which lab is doing the testing, but most labs test for dozens of different pesticides.


Microbiology: Products are tested for microbial contamination, with a focus on yeast, mold, E. coli, and salmonella. They not only test for contaminants that are currently present, but they also examine the possibility of future contaminants growing in the product. These tests ensure that any contamination does not exceed the amount allowed by the USP.


Heavy Metals: As with microbes, a certain amount of heavy metals are allowed to be present. This tests for metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, which are all metals that can be found in the soil that the cannabis is grown in, as well as on machines that the product is processed on. Different states may allow for different levels of contamination.


Manufactured by Ninja Consultation Group, LLC 
784 Windward Way Costa Mesa CA 92627  
(800) 646-0632 |


Sugar-Free 3:1CBN/THC Gummies

Sugar-Free 5:1 CBD/THC Gummies
Sugar-Free Watermelon Gummies

High Energy THC Gummies
Daily Grind THC Gummies
Comfortably Numb THC Gummies
612 STRAINS Wedding Cake Gummies
612 STRAINS Pineapple Express Gummies
612 STRAINS Zkittlez Gummies
612 STRAINS Strawnana Gummies

50mg THC Peach Gummies
50mg THC Watermelon Gummies

Tropical Bliss D8 Gummies

Sleepy Tme Delta-8/CBN Gummies


3000mg CBD Tincture (All Blends)

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Daytime Oil

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Nighttime Oil

3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oil

10:1 CBD+THC Blueberry Oil

10:1 CBD+THC Lemon Haze Oil

10:1 CBD+THC Peppermint Oil

10:1 CBD+THC Unflavored Oil

45mg THC Blueberry Oil

45mg THC Peppermint Oil

45mg THC Unflavored Oil


2000mg CBD Active Relief Gel

CBD+THC Regenerative Lotion

CBD+THC Active Relief Lotion

Manufactured by Laurelcrest, LLC
1270 NE Alpha Dr McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 967-5013 |


25mg CBD Gummies

25mg CBG Gummies

2:1 CBG/CBD Energy Gummies

3:2:1 Sleep Gummies w/Melatonin & 5-HTP


612 STRAINS Grapefruit Energy Oil

612 STRAINS Harlequin Relief Oil

612 STRAINS Hindu Kush Sleep Oil


750mg CBD Cooling Gel

2000mg CBD Cooling Stick

6000mg CBD Healing Oil 

4459 White Bear Parkway
​White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(651) 789-9000 | sUPERIORMOLECULAR.COM

Green Era Gummies
50mg THC Blackberry Gummies

Deep Sleep CBN/THC Gummies

Sugar-Free 3:1CBN/THC Gummies

1:1 Blackberry High Spectrum Gummies

1:1 Peach High Spectrum Gummies

1:1 Watermelon High Spectrum Gummies

5:1 CBD:THC Gummies

10:1 CBD:THC Gummies

25:1 CBD:THC Gummies

119 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 657-2068 |

25mg CBD Broad-Spectrum Softgels

25mg CBD Full-Spectrum Softgels

25mg CBD + CBN &  Melatonin

25mg CBD + Curcumin

12:1 Citrus Sunrise Oil

250mg CBD Salve Stick

CBD Bath Bombs

500mg CBD Massage Oil

500mg CBD Unscented Salve

500mg CBD Lavender Salve

CBD Pet Chews

CBD Pet Tincture

5200 E Smith Rd Ste 130, Denver CO 80216
855-806-4367 |

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