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CBD Hemp Flower & Delta-8 THC In Bloomington, MN

CANNABIS lAWS iN Bloomington

Before you buy any cannabis products in Bloomington, you should become familiar with Minnesota's laws on marijuana and hemp products. CBD, hemp flower, and Delta-8 THC are all legal in Bloomington, MN and can be bought with no medical marijuana license. Delta-9 THC, however, is not legal in Bloomington without a medical use cannabis card. Then there's recreational adult-use of marijuana, which is not legal  in Bloomington or the rest of Minnesota either.


In the article below, we'll tell you all about Delta-8, CBD and regular THC, how to get a medical marijuana card, and how to find CBD and Delta-8 THC nearby from reputable CBD stores and licensed dispensaries.We'll help you find traditional THC dispensaries in Bloomington, Minnesota, too.  


Marijuana Laws in Bloomington, Minnesota

 Bloomington does allow medical adult-use of cannabis, but not recreational. The medical program in Minnesota is one of the strictest, and strangest programs in the country. Even if you have a medical marijuana license, high-THC cannabis flower is still illegal in Bloomington, Minnesota. Industrial hemp flower high in CBD, on the hand, is legal in Bloomington, MN, so long as it contains no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC.

Medical Marijuana Program In Bloomington, MN

As stated above, under the current medical marijuana program in Bloomington, only THC vape carts, edibles, tinctures and other extracts are legal in Minnesota. If you'd like to buy THC products in Bloomington, MN, you need to be at least 21 years of age and have a medical marijuana license issued by a doctor. Then, you need to visit one of Minnesota's eight licensed marijuana dispensaries. This process can be timely and costs roughly $200 to be issued your medical marijuana license. Once you have medical card, a high-THC vape cartridge costs about $70 for 0.5ml. 

dispensaries in Minnesota
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THC Dispensaries In Bloomington, minnesota

Even though the prices for THC products are high in Bloomington, MN, the two dispensary companies in Minnesota - Leafline Labs and Green Goods - are not doing so hot. Both companies have struggled with extremely high taxes, state regulations and all sorts of obstacles. If you'd like to visit either dispensary, Green Goods has the closest location to Bloomington, a few miles away, in Burnsville, as well as in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Woodbury, MN. Leafline has dispensaries in Saint Paul, Eagan, MN, Wilmar, MN, and St. Cloud, Minnesota.


Recreational Adult-Use Of IN Bloomington, MN

Bloomington, Minnesota does not permit any recreational adult-use of marijuana in any form. Regular traditional THC products not legal without a medical marijuana license. The Minnesota House Of Representatives did pass a bill for recreational use, but it has to still pass the senate and get the Governor's signature

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Hemp CBD Flower is Legal in Bloomington

The Farm Bill Of 2018 made the sale, cultivation, and use of industrial hemp flower legal, as long as they contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. So, all hemp, CBD and delta-8 THC products are legal to buy in Bloomington Minnesota with no medical marijuana license needed. 

If you're looking to buy hemp, MN Hemp Farms has bulk hemp flower and raw  products, but they sell CBD products at all. Botany Farms is based in Bloomington, Minnesota and carries CBD hemp flower and Delta-8 THC products. They also have several stores located throughout the Twin Cities, called Smokeless Vape. Hemp Maze Minnesota is another Minnesota Hemp farm, known for its elaborate hemp flower maze.

CBD Oil Is Legal To Buy In Bloomington, MN

In 2020, Minnesota started its hemp and CBD oil program. All products are derived from industrial hemp and have no affiliation with Minnesota's medical marijuana program. You can buy CBD oil, delta-8 THC and other cannabis products online because of this program.

Two of the biggest CBD stores in Bloomington, MN are CBD House and Botany Farms. CBD House is known for it's huge selection of vape oil and is located close to Minneapolis and Richfield, MN. Botany Farms has a huge selection of Delta-8 THC flower, moon rocks and vape cartridges. Delta-8 flower is a huge seller right now, Botany Farms has tons of Delta-8 flower strains to choose from. Both CBD House and Botany Farms both have a wide range of hemp flower and CBD products you can buy online or in store, too. 

Delta-8 THC Is Legal In Bloomington 

Delta-8, THC' milder little brother, is quickly becoming the hottest selling cannabis product available in Bloomington, Minnesota. Delta-8 THC flower and other products can be bought with no medical marijuana card anywhere in Bloomington, MN. Delta-8 THC gives you a little bit of the buzz people associate with THC, but it's as potent, so it's a good choice for new cannabis users. 

Cannabis laws in Minnesota

Buy SIMPLY CRAFTED CBD PRODUCTS in Bloomington, minnesota

Simply Crafted only sells lab-tested CBD hemp flower and Delta-8 THC products. All of our cannabis products go through extensive third-party testing to ensure they're in accordance with the Minnesota statute 151.72. Simply Crafted CBD proudly supports the Minnesota Hemp Association and the Minnesota NORML chapter. We strongly believe in responsible cannabis use and business practices. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are an active member of the Bloomington Chamber Of Commerce 

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