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Is Cannabis Legal in My State? 7 States That Could Make the Jump in 2022

There’s no doubt about it: Cannabis is one of the most profitable and fastest growing industries in the world.

With more businesses and innovations than ever gracing the market, it’s evident that hemp derived delta-9 THC products are here to stay — and consumers are eagerly waiting to see when they can be next in line. However, not every location in the nation has welcomed the legalization of cannabis, despite its rise in popularity.

Fortunately, that could be changing soon once the midterm elections arrive in November 2022. So, to keep you up to speed, let’s review everything you need to know about current and projected developments in the world of cannabis products.

In Which States is Delta-8 Legal?

On the federal level, delta-8 is legal if it doesn’t contain more than the government’s allotted hemp derived delta-9 THC levels. As such, there are dozens of products available enabling users to enjoy the supplement, from oils and edibles to vapes.

Still, that doesn’t mean states aren’t creating their own rules regarding its recreational and therapeutic uses. For now, the following 30 states have made it legal:

· Alabama

· Florida

· Georgia

· Hawaii

· Illinois

· Indiana

· Kansas

· Louisiana

· Maine

· Maryland

· Massachusetts

· Minnesota

· Missouri

· Nebraska

· New Hampshire

· New Jersey

· New Mexico

· North Carolina

· Ohio

· Oklahoma

· Oregon

· Pennsylvania

· South Carolina

· South Dakota

· Tennessee

· Texas

· Virginia

· West Virginia

· Wisconsin

· Wyoming

· Washington D.C.

Connecticut and Michigan also receive an honorable mention, though they ensure that delta-8 can only be purchased from a licensed cannabis retailer.

Finally, Kentucky, Arizona, Mississippi, and California are stuck in a “gray area” when it comes to its legality, as they have yet to release a clear decision regarding its allowed usage. So, consumers in these states will need to read up on their current guidelines about potential restrictions.

Is Cannabis Legal in My State Yet?

As you can see, this leaves 14 states with rules prohibiting the use of hemp derived delta-9 THC and other cannabis products. However, the pressure is on for legislators to change restrictions as more people than ever demand adult-use legalization.

So, for 2022, there is a chance some states could introduce new rules for cannabis. Be sure to keep the following on your radar.


Oklahoma has already shown some acceptance of cannabis use, as its 2018 medical cannabis program allowed a wide majority of individuals to purchase products with few qualification restrictions.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the state’s cannabis market is experiencing quite the boom, with dozens of farmers taking advantage of the expanding industry.

This likely contributed to Oklahoma’s proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize its adult use, which is now slated to reach a decision in 2022. The movement would also help leaders manage the market by replacing current regulatory measures and allow individuals to possess up to eight ounces of the drug without prior medical approval.


2021 saw some of Maryland’s lawmakers attempt — and fail — to introduce a bill allowing for the adult-use of cannabis products. As disappointing as this was, 2022 provides a new chance for the law to come to life.

So, what is behind the push for full legalization? Well, Goucher College’s March 2021 poll revealed around two-thirds of state residents backed the decision, representing a clear shift in attitudes regarding the drug.

As a result, legislators like Adrienne Jones have promised to create ballot referendums regarding the issue for the 2022 midterms. So, it looks like the future of hemp derived delta-9 THC and other products could soon take a positive turn.


Is delta-8 THC legal?” is a question many Arkansas residents continued to propose over the past two years with little to no answer.

Though the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into most plans for legalization, 2022 presents a new opportunity for voters to approve legal adult use. This would require around 89,000 signatures from the public, which would be a massive benefit to the state’s current producers and retailers — most of whom are heavily discouraged by its current restrictions regarding production quantities.


Inspired by developments in New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania is planning to join the club with strong backing from high state officials. Unfortunately, some legislators have expressed pushback from Republican house members, which could postpone its legalization of cannabis.

As with most measures, only time will tell whether the priority is successful in 2022 or pushed back to another year.


This is another state with a complicated path towards legalization, as it’s only current shot depends on a survey led by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, who aims to receive 130,000 signatures. Should that quota be met, it’ll then go on to Ohio lawmakers, who can decide whether to give it a pass or not.

Even then, Ohio’s largely conservative-held leadership could make that possibility a challenge, so it’s not clear whether the measure will reach voters come 2022.


On a brighter note, Missouri’s cannabis advocates have been pushing steadily for changes in the law regarding hemp derived delta-9 THC and other products. Despite facing some coronavirus-related roadblocks along the way, 2022 will see the state searching for roughly 171,000 signatures to allow an amendment legalizing the drug, enabling home cultivation, expunging past cannabis convictions, and more — all movements advocates believe have a good chance of being approved.


Unfortunately, Florida has had one of the toughest battles in legalizing cannabis — and it still has a long way to go.

2021 saw proposed ballot initiatives rejected not once, but twice by the Supreme Court of Florida. As such, backers have had to return to the drawing board, rewriting a new measure that does legalize possession and cultivation for adults, but still doesn’t establish guidelines for a clear retail system.

So, the question “is delta-8 THC legal?” might not be answered anytime soon in this state.

Is Cannabis Legal in My State? Where to Buy if It Is!

If you’re part of the lucky — and growing — list of states legalizing hemp derived delta-9 THC products, be sure to find your next favorite item from Simply Crafted CBD!

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