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Simply Crafted’s In-Store Shopping Experience

If you live in Minnesota and you’ve been waiting to shop in person for hemp-derived products — Simply Crafted recently opened a storefront in Minneapolis.

From Cookies brand to new and improved hemp-derived THC drinks, you’ll find everything you’ve dreamed of in Simply Crafted’s new store. Below, we’ll highlight exciting products, quality standards, and why Minnesotans will benefit from Simply Crafted’s unique in-store shopping experience.

Simply Crafted’s Grassroots Beginning

Now that Simply Crafted has cut the ribbon on its new storefront location, let’s look at how Simply Crafted began.

Simply Crafted began in Minneapolis, MN, in 2019 to ensure residents had clear access to hemp-derived products. From THC to CBD, to HHC and Delta-8, Simply Crafted has aimed to offer top-shelf vape carts, flowers, edibles, topicals, concentrates, and more.

From cannabis activism to affordable pricing, Simply Crafted has always kept its customers in mind. As Minnesota is on the cusp of legalizing recreational cannabis, there’s no better time than now to open a store dedicated to hemp-derived products.

A New and Improved Menu at Simply Crafted’s Storefront Location

Anyone that browses Simply Crafted’s website is shocked by the sheer multitude of top-shelf hemp-derived products.

Each product is lab-tested and rigorously checked for quality control. Additionally, hemp enthusiasts will find a long list of products, whether searching for vape carts or fresh flowers.

However, Simply Crafted is introducing exciting products to the lineup — Cookies and THC drinks.

World-Renowned Cookies Products Available in Minnesota

Now that Simply Crafted has opened its doors, you now have access to one of the most in-demand brands nationwide — Cookies.

To the surprise of many, Cookies offers a lineup of hemp-derived products. Famously known for its cannabis flowers, Cookies is a global leader in the marijuana industry. From Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) to Cherry Pie, Cookies knows a thing or two about top-shelf products.

From HHC Disposable Vapes to Delta-8 Blunts, you’ll find a new world of flavors, potency, and quality once you experience Cookies’ hemp-based products.

Top-rated products include Granddaddy Pluto (HHC), London Pound Cake 75 (Delta-8 THC), Gelatti (Delta-8 THC), and Apples and Banana (Delta-8 THC). Products this good won’t last long on the shelf — so hurry over to Simply Crafted’s new storefront location in Minneapolis.

Legal THC Drinks

Although Minnesota is on the cusp of recreational legalization — current regulations allow a 5mg THC limit in edibles.

The broad canopy of edibles includes beverages — and that’s where Simply Crafted’s new product line comes into the picture. From Cycling Frog’s Black Currant Seltzer to Surly’s Take Five THC Tonic and beyond, you’ll find refreshing drinks to quench your thirst during any season.

Preferred by Minnesotans who don’t wish to smoke, legal THC drinks are the perfect way to consume THC and other essential cannabinoids. Most importantly, each THC drink is hemp-derived, legal under Minnesota’s current laws.

Nothing Beats an In-Store Experience

Although online shopping is convenient — nothing beats the experience of seeing, feeling, and smelling hemp-derived products.

Soon, you’ll be able to see products before you buy. Although buying from Simply Crafted’s website has never been an issue, the new storefront location takes the consumer experience to the next level.

From budtenders to brand ambassadors, you’ll find a fountain of knowledge to ensure you find the best hemp-derived products for your needs. Ultimately, picking up a vape cart and inspecting it before purchasing is an aspect that makes a world of difference.

Enjoy the In-Store or Online Experience With Simply Crafted

Now, Minnesotans have two options to buy the best hemp-derived products in the nation — Simply Crafted’s new storefront location and their new website.

Sometimes, life demands your complete attention, making it nearly impossible to drive to Simply Crafted’s store in Minneapolis. Luckily, they offer same-day delivery to the entire Twin Cities area.

Order THC drinks, COOKIES vape pens and caps, and all the other in-store exclusive products and choose same-day delivery at checkout.

Overall, Simply Crafted ensures Minnesotans 21 years and older have reliable access to the world’s best hemp-derived products. Whether you browse at the store or scroll the menu online and order for pickup or delivery, you’ll always find potent and eye-opening products at Simply Crafted.

Located at 726 NE Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Store Hours

Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Closed Sundays

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