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The 7 Best Spooky Strains For Halloween

As the eerie winds of October usher in the spooky season, Halloween enthusiasts prepare to don their ghostly garbs and venture into the night for some frightful fun.

For the cannabis connoisseurs among us, this is a time to explore the darker, more mysterious side of the flower, indulging in strains that evoke the true spirit of Halloween. Below, we’ll unveil the seven most spooky strains you can get your hands on, each with its unique character to set the right tone for your Halloween celebrations.

The costume options are endless and nearly impossible to choose: zombie nurses, Ken and Barbie, cowgirls and cowboys, and more; however, we’ll make your life that much easier by shining a light on the spookiest weed strains for this year’s epic Halloween season.

Ghost Train Haze

All aboard the Ghost Train Haze, a spectral ride through a fog of euphoria and creativity.

This sativa-dominant strain is known for its high THC content and energizing effects, making it the perfect companion for those late-night explorations. With a name reminiscent of a phantom locomotive, its dense, frosty buds appear as if shrouded in a ghostly mist.

The sweet and sour citrus aroma cuts through the chill of the October night, invigorating the senses for whatever ghoulish adventures lie ahead. As you venture into the Halloween revelry, let Ghost Train Haze fuel your supernatural escapades with a cerebral high that transcends the earthly realm.

Black Widow

Creep into the shadows with Black Widow, an indica-dominant strain known for its potent, relaxing effects.

The dark, resin-coated buds are the epitome of sticky weed that’s sure to coat your fingers in hash as you break apart these decadent buds. With a sweet, fruity aroma intertwined with earthly undertones, each inhale invites you into a world filled with debauchery.

As you unwind into the evening, let the calming effects of Black Widow envelop you in a cobweb of relaxation and peace, making it the perfect strain to end your spooky soirees and venture into the dream realm.

Jack the Ripper

Venture into the eerie lore of Halloween with Jack the Ripper, a sativa-dominant strain known for its invigorating, cerebral high.

Named after the infamous 19th-century London serial killer, this strain is as sharp and exhilarating as a chilling horror story. Its citrus, lemony-gas aroma cuts through the air with an edge that will send shivers down your spine and goosebumps across your skin.

As the night unfolds, let the energetic buzz of this strain cut through the fog of the mundane and into the thrilling unknown. If you’ve been searching for a strain that’ll keep the party going well into the night — Jack the Ripper is it.

Zombie OG

If there’s a weed strain that’s absolutely suited for spooky season — it’s Zombie OG.

This highly potent indica-dominant strain is like a whisper from the crypt, with its potent effects leading you on a midnight roam through hauntingly tranquil states. The dense, resin-coated buds of Zombie OG are a ghostly sight to behold, encasing you in a tomb-like calm as the world beyond slips into silence.

The pungent, earthy aroma with a hint of pine is an alluring melody that serenades the night, making Zombie OG the perfect companion for a ghostly soiree under the shrouded moonlight.

Phantom Cookies

When the party is reaching its peak — it’s time to break out Phantom Cookies to experience the crescendo of the night.

This hybrid strain holds the essence of Halloween within its colorful buds, a palette of greens, purples, and oranges entwined like the autumn leaves of a haunted forest. The sweet, nutty aroma with a touch of berry is a caress of the cool October breeze, carrying whispers of forgotten tales.

With a balanced blend of euphoria and relaxation, Phantom Cookies is the perfect companion during the laughter and abrupt frights that Halloween brings. Experience spooky season like never before with Phantom Cookies, a strain that echoes the timeless allure of Halloween's epic splendor.


If you’ve been searching for a weed strain that boasts extreme potency and incredible bag appeal, look no further than Frankenstein this Halloween.

This Indica strain brings forth a monstrous wave of relaxation that'll animate the calmest of souls. With buds that are a medley of earthy greens and a scent that's a blend of pungent, piney freshness, Frankenstein is the epitome of autumnal nights filled with spooky adventures.

The Frankenstein strain offers potent and tranquilizing effects that are sure to wow even the most seasoned smoker in your crew. Don’t wait to grab this popular Halloween strain before it disappears!

Candy Kush

As the nights draw longer and the veil between worlds thins, it's time to invite a little wicked delight into the darkness with Candy Kush.

This strain is nothing short of a clandestine affair between sweet and sinful. The intoxicating aroma of Candy Kush is a sinful indulgence, perfect for embracing spooky season. Each puff pulls you deeper into a euphoric relaxation as if a spectral hand guides you through the shadows of All Hallows' Eve.

Furthermore, Candy Kush is sure to delight any sweet tooth with ease — just beware its high THC content! If you’re ready to bask under the moonlight this Halloween amid the spooky festivities, look no further than Candy Kush.


As the streets fill with Halloween ambiance, it’s your turn to fill the air with plumes of deliciously potent smoke from any of these spooky strains.

The seven strains we've explored are no mere tales told by the campfire; they are a gateway to an ethereal experience as night descends and the revelry begins. Amidst the ghostly whispers and the rustle of autumn leaves, these seven spooky strains beckon the daring to venture into the unknown, where sky-high THC and mouth-watering terpenes await.

If you’d rather steer clear of THC-rich cannabis strains, look no further than Simply Crafted’s hemp-derived menu.

Simply Crafted extends an invitation to the bold, adventurers seeking a companion to their nocturnal exploits. Our array of hemp-derived products is a passport to a Halloween experience veiled in mystique, a journey accompanied by an enigmatic charm that only this spooky season can bring.

As you navigate through haunted parties, chilling movie marathons, or simply under the gaze of the moonlit night, let these seven cannabis strains be your companion to an unforgettable Halloween experience that you won’t soon forget.

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