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What Are CBD Moon Rocks?

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Moon Rocks

Most people have heard of Moon Rocks, the cannabis flowers drenched in THC oil and dusted with kief. Moon Rocks were famous among cannabis enthusiasts because they significantly increased the potency of cannabis flowers.

As the hype faded away, a new group of connoisseurs is bringing Moon Rocks back — with a twist.

CBD Moon Rocks are the new go-to flower-concentrate hybrid in town. Read along to understand everything about CBD Moon Rocks, such as how they are made, the potency, and where to buy them.

How Are CBD Moon Rocks Made?

CBD Moon Rocks are composed of three components:

● Hemp Flower

● Solventless CBD Oil

● Terpene-Rich Kief

Once a hemp crop is cultivated, the dense buds are manicured and dried. Once ready, the hemp flowers are literally dipped in solventless CBD oil. Immediately after dipping, the oil-rich hemp flower is dusted with terpene-rich kief.

Although this process might sound like something from a cooking show, the result is CBD-rich Moon Rocks.

How Potent Are CBD Moon Rocks?

First, let's take a look at the potency of hemp flowers in general. Hemp flowers typically contain anywhere from 14-22% CBD. The higher the concentration, the more pronounced the effects.

Next, solventless CBD oil ranges from 35-99%. CBD concentration depends on the type of methods used during the extraction process. Usually, CBD isolate and distillate are by far the most potent types of CBD oil.

You must understand that the CBD oil used in CBD Moon Rocks are the same as those you can dab. As you can imagine, dipping CBD-rich hemp flowers in CBD oil provides a potent kick.

Lastly, terpene-rich kief consists of resin glands knocked off the flower during a tumbling process. If a cultivator seeks kief, he or she tumbles buds within a tumbler that slowly knocks off the trichome heads. A micron sieve is used to funnel the trichome glands from other plant matter.

The result is pure kief that's rich in resin. It's this resin that's dashed onto the oil-covered hemp flowers. Not only does CBD kief offer incredible flavors, but it also adds another level of potency to the mix.

Overall, CBD Moon Rocks contain between 25-50% CBD.

How Can You Consume CBD Moon Rocks?

The beauty of CBD Moon Rocks lies in their simplicity.

CBD Moon Rocks can be smoked or vaped — just like ordinary hemp flowers. If you decide to smoke CBD Moon Rocks, simply place a small portion into a bowl or sprinkle it in a joint.

If you'd rather vape CBD Moon rocks, place a small portion inside the chamber. A low temperature will ensure the terpene's full expression and a smooth hit.

What Are The Effects of CBD Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks do precisely what you expect — they provide hours of relaxation.

As you may know, CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect. Instead, CBD Moon Rocks generate a profound sense of relaxation.

How Do CBD Moon Rocks Compare to THC Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks are rich in CBD and THC Moon Rocks contain an abundant level of THC — it's as simple as that.

You must understand that CBD Moon Rocks will not get you stoned. Unlike THC, CBD is a unique compound that reduces the effects of THC while simultaneously producing therapeutic effects.

Where Can You Buy CBD Moon Rocks Online?

Although many claim to have it, it's challenging to find authentic CBD Moon Rocks — until now.

Simply Crafted offers a multitude of high-end CBD products, including CBD Moon Rocks. Simply Crafted's CBD Moon Rocks are organic and pesticide-free, which is beneficial for your body and the environment.

It's not every day that you'll find a CBD company that focuses on consumer satisfaction and the environment.

Depending on your needs, you can purchase between 1-7-grams of CBD Moon Rocks. As you open the package, you'll be greeted by kief-covered flowers that emit a pungent and pleasing aroma.

As you indulge, there's no doubt that Simply Crafted's CBD Moon Rocks pack a serious punch. The CBD and terpenes mix and create an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, Simply Crafted's CBD Moon Rocks are compliant with the 0.3% THC rule. You can rest assured that you'll never feel high when consuming CBD Moon Rocks.

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