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Our Live Resin CBD Concentrate is pure, potent and loaded with all the medicinal benefits of the full cannabis plant profile.


Extracted from freshly harvested cannabis plants then cured with cold-pressed terpenes to preserve the natural rich aroma and flavor. 


  • Maintains full spectrum cannabinoid profile
  • Single-origin cannabis-derived, cold-pressed terpenes
  • No GMOs, chemicals or solvents
  • Contains <0.3mg THC



Available in 7 varieties: Cookies, Zkittlez, OG Kush, Ancient Lime. Pineapple Express, Blueberry Muffin and Critical Kush 


COA (Certificate Of Analysis)


Lab Tested | Organic | Made in USA

Live Resin Concentrate

  • CBD live resin is a concentrated extract that's bursting with cannabidiol while showcasing an abundance of terpenes. At its very core, CBD live resin is the essence of the hemp strain that it's extracted from.

    The primary reason why CBD live resin contains a high concentration of terpenes is that the hemp flowers are processed immediately after harvest. By doing so, CBD live resin contains intact terpenes that have yet to be disturbed by the curing or harvesting process.

    CBD live resin's form is a pure-gold viscous liquid that is noticeably sensitive to heat. As cooler temperatures prevail, the form of CBD live resin thickens. As the surrounding environment warms, the CBD live resin begins to lose its form and melts into golden butter.