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What Is Delta-10 THC?

While you may still be learning about delta-8 THC, there's already an even newer cannabinoid hitting the market: delta-10 THC. This recently discovered cannabinoid is another almost identical molecular cousin to delta-9 THC, but with somewhat lesser psychoactive effects, similar to delta-8. You can think of delta-10 as a lite version of a traditional marijuana extract.

The problem with this "lite" version of Delta-9 THC, is that we don’t know much about it yet, and its origins are pretty sketchy. Still, despite this and the fact that its legal status is not quite clear, a few companies have already started to sell delta-10 products online and in dispensaries throughout the United States.

Where Did Delta-10 THC Come From?

Delta-10 only recently made its way onto the market, and it's still uncertain how exactly it was first produced. The current story is that a cannabis company in California, Fusion Farms, bought some outdoor-grown biomass to make concentrates. However, in order to try to protect the cannabis from California's wildfires, the plants had been previously sprayed with a fire-retardant chemical by the company that sold the biomass.

Unaware of this, Fusion Farms proceeded with the extraction, but quickly noticed something different about the crystals that were forming. On closer examination, they realized a new compound was taking form. After testing this new compound, it was initially thought to be something like CBC (cannabichromene), but not identical. This mysterious new cannabinoid was then sent to a third-party laboratory to try to determine what exactly had been created. After several months of rigorous testing, the cannabinoid was ultimately classified as delta-10 THC.

What Are The Different Types of THC?

The three different types of tetrahydrocannabidiol refer to where the bond on the carbon chain occurs. Delta refers to the decarboxylation process, wherein heat causes the cannabinoid to become active and have its full effects. The location of the bond is important, because it seems to greatly determine the effects of the compound.

Delta-9 THC is known for its strong psychoactive and analgesic properties. These properties are still present in both delta-8 and delta-10, but to a lesser degree. The main difference between delta-8 and delta-10 is that, while delta-8 is often described as mildly sedating, delta-10 is usually described as somewhat stimulating.

What aRE thE Effects Of Delta-10?

Currently, most of what we know about the effects of delta-10 THC is based on what we know about the body's endocannabinoid system and how other cannabinoids interact it. Since very few studies have been conducted so far, it's hard to form anything more than a weak hypothesis. In one study conducted on pigeons, delta-10 was administered and supposedly caused a less potent high than delta-9 THC. Needless to say, many more studies are necessary before any conclusions can be drawn.

The other main source of information on delta-10 THC comes from its users' experiences. Where delta-8 THC is often described as a more mellow high, similar to a lite version of a traditional indica, delta-10 THC has been said to be more similar to a mild high from a sativa cannabis strain. This information is no more than anecdotal, though, as far more research is needed to gain any real understanding of the effects of delta-10 THC.

Is Delta-10 THC Safe?

A cannabinoid that's the result of contamination from a fire retardant chemical doesn't sound very safe. Luckily, the company that discovered delta-10 felt the same way about the original batch, so it was disposed of. Since then, several labs have been trying to recreate the process to make more delta-10 THC, but with a safer, more eco-friendly catalyst this time. Given the hype surrounding delta-8, there has been a huge buzz about delta-10 in the cannabis industry. However, very few companies have actually began to sell any delta-10 products.

As the cannabis industry grows, these newly discovered cannabinoids will be researched more. From that research, hopefully safer methods of production will be discovered, so that delta-10 products can be made more accessible to buy online and in dispensaries near you. Even so, whenever you're trying a new cannabis product, remember to start with a low dose, and only buy products from legal dispensaries and sources that show where their cannabis comes from and how the extractions are produced. Also, when you buy any cannabis products - including CBD, CBG, or good old-fashioned delta-9 THC - make sure to check for COAs (Certificate of Analysis), so that you can be sure there are no solvents, toxins, or other impurities in the product you plan to buy.

Is Delta-10 THC Legal?

Much like its cousin delta-8, delta-10 THC is in a somewhat legal grey area. Because both are derived from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, they are technically both legal on a federal level. However, 11 states have already specifically banned Delta-8 THC from being sold, so it's likely the same will be done in regards to delta-10. As of May 2021, only two states, Alabama and North Dakota, are actively pushing legislation to specifically ban delta-10 THC. Still, before you buy delta-10 THC products, be sure to check your own state's most current laws and regulations, and use all cannabis products responsibly.

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